personalauthorityThere is a lot of chaos in the world right now. Things that seemed stable and sure now feel mailable or appear to be dissolving. Institutions, organization, corporations and political or governing bodies that were trusted are now regularly viewed as corrupt or lacking integrity. People are looking for change, but are unsure where to find it.

At the same time there is a sense that change is constant. As a result people are worried, anxious, scared or simply unsure what to do next. They wonder how to get back that feeling of being stable or sure. To once again have a sense of direction.

It seems to me that one of the reasons we find ourselves in these situations is because we have given away our authority. Many of us abdicated our responsibility for authoring and crafting our own lives to those who we thought were more capable, educated, elected, etc., etc.

Banks told us how to invest money. Doctors told us how to cure symptoms. Churches told us how to behave if we wanted a relationship with God. Government told us they would keep us safe. Corporations told us how to dress, what to drive and how to be successful.

Any and all of these started out well intentioned. But as we gave them more authority for our lives, their roles became distorted. We believed they had the answers. Over time we gave them so much control over our lives that it seemed they knew us better than we know ourselves. But as we gifted them with more control over our lives, it morphed into “power over”.

We have been out of balance because we have given up our authority and responsibility for ourselves. This out of balance is one of the reasons we are experiencing such chaos.

But out of this chaos, many of us are reclaiming our own personal authority. We are taking responsibility for what we are creating as well as what we are releasing. Instead of assuming that someone who has training, experience, a title or role has all the answers, we are checking in with ourselves to see if it what they are saying or recommending feels right for us.

intentionallivingWe are setting down other people’s ideas about what it means to be successful or happy. We are finding fulfillment in ways that resonate with us. We are deciding what feels aligned and supportive. Those people, situations or things that no longer fit are also being released.

And as each of us moves more into our personals sense of authority… something new begins to evolve out of the chaos and confusion. That “light at the end of the tunnel”.

We begin to sense and know that the more intentionally we live our lives.., the more stable and sure footed we feel. There may still be chaos around us for awhile, but it has less impact.

We know we are headed in the right direction.., simply because it feels right!

With Light, Love, and Laughter