It seems as if everything in my personal world, is in a state of transformation.  Probably the biggest and most obvious is a home remodel.  We are basically at the end of this particular project. So of course the sense of transformation is at its highest.

But when does transformation actually begin?

I believe it is in the dreaming and imagining stage.  In fact, it is probably before.  When our subconscious minds long for whatever is next for us.  We then begin to respond to the longing, making choices that support this new internal desire.

We give it to our mind and begin to visualize and start setting intentions.  We plot, plan, and basically start to figure things out.  We begin to become more emotionally invested as it materializes or takes shape in our psyche.

The part of this that has me intrigued right now is the desire for change.  The desire for something different.  The desire for more.

I feel changed by all the physical transformation around me.  Yet, it feels as if it is more accurate to say that my desire for internal transformation has reshaped or transformed my physical world.

The reason that this seems like an important distinction for me is because it feels as if I am a different person than I was a short time ago.  Not better (although hopefully), just different.  Everything feels new and fresh with endless possibilities.   So it is easy to look to the physical surroundings and think that these changes are responsible for the differences.

But there’s a part of me who intuitively senses that this transformation is internal.  With the real world now reflecting my own evolution.

I think we are potentially in a constant state of transformation.  We are here to evolve.  Some are big (new relationship, having a child, job or career change, buying or selling a home, divorce, remodel, starting a business, moving to a new location, etc.) while are others are smaller.  But they all offer an opportunity to harness the energies of transformation.

We create these opportunities (whether knowingly, or not) to become current.  To update our own personal awareness.  To become even more of who we came here to be.

During the most chaotic part of this remodel project (ps… there is always chaos with change!) every daily routine was disrupted.  Things that I had done without much thought, now had to be figured out anew… or just had to be dropped or put on hold.

When I was in the thick of it, I couldn’t wait to get back to my old routine.  Sometimes, I felt as if I was desperate for the familiar.

But in truth, on the other side of all this change, a lot of those things I felt as if I was missing; no longer fit.  In fact, it has triggered a review process of letting go.  And… stepping into new.  I have been contemplating this a lot, and feel grateful for the energetic support of external changes.  I guess you could say I’m riding the wave of transformation.

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