RightForYouWhat is your experience of our ever changing world?  Does it seem dramatically different than it did a few years ago?  Or, is it the same old status quo? Different day, same challenges and opportunities?

To me, it feels really different!  I feel different.  And the majority of me loves the shifts and changes I sense or feel.  While a part of me longs for the days of predictability and a time of stability.

If you are like me and can feel or sense the energetic changes that our planet is going through; What are some of the ways that you notice these subtle shifts (or even not so subtle!).  It seems like a good practice to stay aware of what feels like it is evolving.  What no longer resonates, and/or what does.
One thing that seems noticeable these days, for me (and for a number of people in my life) is our relationship with the authority figures in our lives. Doctors, therapists, lawyers, elected officials, police, clergy, financial or business leaders, and others who have a specialized area of focus or responsibility.  We rely of them for their expertise.

But the way that we have relied on them has become out of balance.  We have given them too much authority, control or influence in our lives.  For a long time we simply trusted what they said and followed their instruction to the letter.

But many, if not all of these authority figures are losing their sway and influence over us.  Their message or directions no longer feel aligned with us as individuals.  This does not mean they are bad or wrong.  It simply means we are pulling away from them, taking back our personal power and authority, or no longer looking for the same level of guidance or direction they once offered.

For many it may look like the reason these authority figures are no longer functioning in a healthy way or feel trustworthy is because they have become corrupt or out of touch with what is important to us.  But the truth is – we distorted them by giving them more responsibility than they were ever suppose to have.  By abdicating our personal sense of power and responsibility, their side of the scale became to heavily weighted and gave the illusion of immovability.

Take a look at any one of these relationship and see if they feel like they are in balance.  I have had a number of conversations with family, friends and clients who are seeing doctors.  Something is up with them healthwise and their doctors are prescribing pills, taking samples, running tests.  Making recommendations, that actually seem to be making matters worse.

Others are at odds with or feeling uncomfortable with the messages or guidance they are getting from their place of worship.  They are being asked to incorporate or embrace practices or beliefs that no longer feel relevant.  Perhaps it is a sense of mixed messages.  Do as I say, not as I do.

Still others cannot understand why their financial security seems so unstable and the investments are not maturing or paying off in the ways that were implied or promised.  Their sense of safety around the advice they are being given is nowhere to be found.

The list goes on.., politicians; managers of companies; heads of businesses and non-profits; government agencies; law enforcement and more.  They are struggling with the weight of the excess power we have given them.

These authority figures are not going away.  However, our relationship with them are energetically shifting and are in need of change.  Not just one-on-one, but systemically.

We have to take responsibility to decide if their guidance, counsel or recommendations are right for us in each moment.  Is what this doctor prescribing right for you?  Is the politician making policies and laws that represent your best interests?  (Our governors cuts to education comes to mind!).  Is the financial advisor you are working with making choices that are aligned with you and your goals.

It is time to develop and trust our own internal guidance systems to help us know what feel right and what feels wrong (for us).  If someone recommends that we do something and doesn’t feel right; it’s time we pay attention to those feelings.  They have an expertise that maybe helpful.  However, if it doesn’t feel right.., trust your own knowing.  Trust me, there are many ways to get to the same place.  You need to choose the path that is right for you.

With Light, Love, and Laughter
Photo by: www.gravityglue.com