SettingHealthyBoundariesIt’s Sunday and I am at Susanne Wilson’s “Mediumship for Non-Mediums” event at the Embassy Suites in Paradise Valley. The room is full and the energy level is high. The first part of the morning was an introduction to Mediumship and covered information on what is happening in the field.

This includes scientific research, evidence studies and new (and old) thoughts on the expansion of our connection with loved ones on the other side. Dr Gary Schwartz shared some of what he is working on that he calls “Soul Phone” which is about introducing technology to the field with the intention of creating a way to share messages between the physical world and spirit. Two-way messages.

Yet what really struck me this morning has to do with the Intentional Living principle of “Setting Healthy Boundaries”. What I realized, as I was listening to Susanne, is that sometimes the setting of new boundaries, is really about expanding or pushing the boundary further than perhaps what we have allowed before.

I tend to think of setting boundaries as part of the work of self-care. It is often about preventing others from taking advantage or crossing a line that we ourselves would not cross. So this was an eye opening awareness.

Death is experienced in as many different ways as there are people on the planet. It is something that we all know is inevitable…, yet it also often creates a great deal of discomfort. Many of us do not really think about what happens after death until we experience a personal loss. Then, even if we have a vague idea of what our beliefs are.., those beliefs are suddenly in our face. Coming to terms with our beliefs while also grieving can be tumultuous work.

However what I am aware of today is how many people experience or find unique connections with their loved ones after they have died. Or as Susanne put it today, once their loved one has moved to a new address.

It occurs to me that my boundaries around what happens after death are held pretty close to me. They are not very expansive. And yet, as she describes experiences, sessions or connections, I realize I have had my own. Even from Archie, my Welch Corgi who I lost over a year ago.

It is easy to pass these sensations, experiences and even dreams off as something less than communication from the other side. But why?

intentionallivingWhat if I push my healthy boundary around the afterlife out a few more feet? What if I gave myself ‘permission’ to have, own and trust these experiences? If I did… perhaps my perceptions would be expanded and something, that in the past, I couldn’t see, hear, touch, smell, taste or sense, will reveal itself in a new way.

This is what happens with our intuition isn’t it? When we first realize we are sensing energetic information, we either pay attention and trust it. Or.., we ignore it and fall back on our trusted physical senses. Until we begin to realize that sometimes our internal senses and our physical senses are not in alignment. We have an ‘either / or’ awareness.

Then as we begin to trust the energetic information… we begin to experience it even more. Often in new and different ways.

This is how opening to the world of those who have gone before us feels for me today. What I experience or create with loved ones who have died is up to me. I just need to give myself permission and be willing to push that old boundary back a few feet. Who knows what is possible then!?!

Thank you Susanne Wilson – The Carefree Medium and Kathleen Malone – Sundance on Success for inviting and including us in this great event!

With Light, Love, and Laughter