StayintheFlowFito and I have both been having a similar experience, but not necessarily sharing it with one another.  Finally on one of our nightly walks, it came up.

We have both been feeling the energies of ‘expansion’.  The energy of flow, abundance; the energy of more.  Yet prior to our conversation we had both been dealing with it in different ways.  Fito was not talking about or sharing his experience of these energies of expansion because he “didn’t want to jinx them”.

He thought that somehow, if he talked about what he was sensing or feeling.., those energies would go away.

I on the other hand have shared with you, through this blog, that I have been feeling these expansive energies since the beginning of the year.  However instead of being afraid I would cancel them out somehow by sharing them.., I have spent a lot of time looking for proof or evidence of this expansion in the 3-D world.   Do we have more clients, transactions, workshops, etc… Or is their more money in my bank account.

What we decided was that both of us are putting barriers in our own path.  If you feel a new flow or rush of energies and then refuse to acknowledge it for fear it will go away; it is your fear that disrupts the flow. On the other hand, if you don’t trust it and begin to search for proof or start collecting evidence; that too can disrupt the flow.

Instead, you have to simple bask in the energies that are flowing in and around you and be willing to “RECEIVE” them.  And trust me.., more of us have a harder time receiving than you might imagine!

I tend to think I am good at receiving, but the truth is, I have not been. I am willing to receive if I feel whatever it is I am receiving is in balance with what I am giving.  Yet there is no measuring system that works for this, except those contrived by the ego!

I was participating in a group share last week, and one of the messages that was shared was about people who do energetic healing work.  The basic message to the group was that it didn’t matter if the person on the table who came for healing work or session, was getting or receiving the healing energies…, that once they started the session to just keep going, because those energies would find someone who was willing to receive them!

It was such a simple message, yet it inspired an amazing visual for me.  I could see someone laying on a massage table.  They had asked and even paid for a healing or energetic session.  Yet, even with all the right energies there and available to them, because they didn’t trust them or were in fear… the energies simply swirled around them, and eventually moved on.

I started wondering how often I do that myself?  Visualize, imagine or pray for something and then actually close myself off from receiving it?

This week has felt incredible and amazing!  Getting ready and then actually celebrating the 7th Anniversary of Storm Wisdom.  I was doing everything I could to remain present to all the positive energies around me.  Until.., I locked on to a mini-drama for about a day.  A distraction.  An energy drain.  Except.., I realized I had pulled myself out of the joy of feeling this expansive energy all for the sake of something as trivial as drama!
I want to feel these new energies that are all around us.  I want to receive all that the Universe has to offer, from both the seen and unseen world.  I choose to be in the flow.  Without searching for proof or evidence (trust) or without worry, fear, or scarcity!

How do you stay in the flow?