SteppingOfftheTreadmillDo you ever feel like you have one foot in one reality, with the other in another?   I ask because this is how my life feels right now.

I could look to one or two different situation or circumstances and say that they are “the cause” of this sensation of living in two worlds.  But in truth, when I slow down and really contemplate this, I realize it is in every aspect of my life.

One foot is still on the treadmill of our 3-D world where there are expectation, requirements, demands, opportunities and a whole lot of “should(s)”. We are told from a very young age what is expected, important, and valued.  We are conditioned to accept our place within limited and limiting hierarchical structures that are based on social, educational, cultural, religious, and place of origin norms.

Without even realizing it, many of us fulfill our perceived destiny based on beliefs and internalized messages whose origin we barely remember.  We are navigating life as if we are asleep.  This is regardless of whether or not the life we have created is deemed good or bad; rich or poor; adventurous or boring.

We are asleep because we rely solely on our five physical senses to navigate.  We assess and assign value to something or someone based on what we see, hear, taste, touch or smell.  From infancy we have relied on these physical senses to help us interpret life.

For those who choose a spiritual path something else emerges.  We begin to listen for messages from the voice within.  When we first connect with this internal guidance, we spend time simply turning up the volume on this almost silent voice.  It can be challenging to hear the messages when this voice within is so subtle and intimate.  Especially when our physical senses are naturally loud, dominant and valued.

But we continue down this path of internal exploration.  Developing our intuition, instincts and awareness.  Building a sense our connection to everything around us.  Not only hearing our own internal guidance, but messages from the planet, animals, plants and minerals.  We begin to awaken to the pulse of All-That-Is, which is present in everything.  We awaken to the energies that surround us and are our connection to the Universe.

Slowly we begin to trust this internal guidance as much if not more than anything we experience through our physical senses.  We trust our own knowing.  We navigate using senses that oftentimes can’t be explained to those around us.  For some of those in our lives who can’t relate to our choices or way of living or navigating life; they have to distance themselves.  Situations that were once comfortable or even desirable may no longer resonate.  The more we awaken to energy, the more our own resonance shifts and changes.

This is where the two feet in different realities comes into play.  Sometimes it is hard to let someone or something go.  Many things that no longer feel right are still appealing on some level.  We begin to question our choices.  Perhaps we wonder why something/someone no longer fits.  It is during these times that we frequently revert to our physical senses for confirmation, evidence or proof.  It still looks good!  They sound reasonable.  It is pleasing to the touch.

Our physical senses can be telling us one thing, while our internal guidance and intuitive senses are telling us something else.
That is what is up for me… And why I am feeling divided.  Energetically there is so much happening that appears to be in conflict with what I am experiencing in my 3-D world.  I feel and sense things, yet what is right in front of me does not align or match what I feel.  It can be challenging not to get hooked by this disconnect and to trust my internal senses.

Now mind you, I am not saying our five physical senses are not important.  They always have been and they always will be.  At the same time, for those of us who are developing these other senses; we have to learn to trust them.  Trust them completely.  Even when they appear to conflict with what is right in front of us.  Time to step off our 3-D treadmills and stand firmly in the unseen and unknown.

Isn’t that why and what we are awakening too?

With Light, Love, and Laughter