What a difference a couple of years make.  Especially when they include a worldwide pandemic and the economic and the personal recoveries we’re are all going through.

I have been reflecting on everything that is happening around us and have come to the conclusion it is healthier for me to be an observer, than it is to be in the midst of the chaos.

For many years I have felt we are on the verge of the next evolution of humanity.  That many of the old systems, structures, philosophies, and ‘go-to’ solutions for how we address or approach a situation are prime for change.

Personally I have believed, like many others, that our worldview of duality is destined for change.  The prevailing idea or default view that there is only good or bad, right or wrong, us or them, has been limiting and damaging for way to long.

Humanity is complex. Yet most of the time, we are expected to boil down multilayered and multifaceted situations into simple yes/no or for/against decisions in a matter of seconds.  When the truth is there is very little we encounter that is actually “simple”.

For me, it seems as if we are at the apex of “choose your side”.  Regardless of the topic or issue.  We are pitted against each other in so many ways.  It feels as if we are in the midst of the last, best effort of ‘duality’ trying to hold onto its position of power over humanity.

Instead what I have been trying to do, is to not participate.  To not take a side. Instead to remain open.  To allow my thoughts and emotions to ebb and flow.  To see where something feels right for me, but to also understand someone else may not feel the same way.

Not jumping in to “take a side” is new for me.  But right now to “take a side” only adds to the “us versus them” narrative.  And trust me, any topic you can think of right now has… 2 sides.

Instead, when I find myself wanting to choose, I try and stop myself… even when I am alone.  I could be reading an article, see a headline or a story, or overhear (or be a part of) a conversation or a broad/podcast.  As soon as I realize I am taking a side, I stop myself.  I wonder: “What else is possible or are there other options?” Or even.., what does neutral feel like?

Realizing that I don’t have to take a side has been powerful and freeing.  Don’t get me wrong I recognize I will always have preferences.  I make choices for myself all the time.  However, I don’t have to assume my choice is the right one for anyone else.  And my choice is not something I have to champion or defend.

It is funny to realize how empowering it feels to not “Take a side”!