“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Martin Luther King, Jr., American Baptist minister and activist

How many of you like to know how things will turn out before making a decision? How often are you willing to take a chance, if you don’t know the outcome, and just ‘go for it’? I like to think I’m more willing to ‘go for it’ than I used to be. Maybe it has more to do with letting go of my need to ‘control’ the outcome (an illusion by the way) and enjoy being in the moment more and more. Maybe it’s about allowing more spontaneity, flexibility, and surprise in my life too. Maybe it’s just about having faith that each choice I make creates new experiences and how I respond to them contributes to my personal growth. Are there really any good or bad choices? I will say that there are some that I don’t want to repeat. I learned from them though.

The faith I’m describing is believing in something when you don’t have proof. This can apply to choosing new opportunities, entering relationships, making major purchases, religious beliefs, and almost anything else you can think of where you have a choice to make. In any of these situations you may feel uncomfortable, anxious at times, or go through a lot of ‘what ifs’ before a decision is made. Even after significant research the outcome isn’t guaranteed is it? Author Catherine Pulsifier has said that “Faith is unseen but felt, faith is strength when we feel we have none, faith is hope when all seems lost.”

I’m learning that ‘feeling’ instead of ‘over thinking’ decisions is the way to go. Some of you will describe that when you ‘feel’ a knot in your gut you know the choice is right. Others of you might ‘feel’ goose bumps and still some of you ‘feel’ through your ‘knowing’. As our journey of awakening and personal growth continues we learn to trust our instincts more and have faith that all will be well regardless of the outcome. We learn to make our choices more consciously. Take a few moments as you experience your day and notice how many times you say “I think” and “I feel”. Are you ready to ‘feel’ more? This was suggested to me quite a few years ago and I still pay attention to how I express myself. I was surprised!

Remember that you aren’t alone as you learn to trust and have more faith in the life you are creating. American poet and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou, has said “It is this belief in a power larger than myself and other than myself which allows me to venture into the unknown and even the unknowable.” Lean more into the magic and mystery of the unknown and the power that is greater than you. The power known by many names! You are more than you think! Trust. Believe. Have faith. Are you willing to take the first step?

I’m holding space for you and I’m sending lots of love to each one of you.

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