“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ~ Carl Jung

There are lots of ideas about what the cosmic impact of this weeks solar eclipse will be on our country and our world. However, for me the greatest impact will be to us individually. Like any event, cosmic or otherwise, the impact is not simply felt during the time it is occurring. It begins weeks before. It ends weeks after.

How we are changed by an event lasts forever. Even when it slips from our memories. We have become experts at adapting and integrating. Almost to the point where it can feel imperceptible. Often, it is only in hind-sight, when we look back, that we recognize how much we’ve changed. By then, associating it with any cosmic events is highly unlikely.

Shared events or experiences are perhaps harder to forget.., at least in terms of remembering where we were or what we were doing. Right now, many people are experiencing personal shifts and changes, however, associating them with the phenomena of an eclipse may be more challenging. We have become accustomed to the idea of being a witness…, which makes many of the events in our lives separate from or external to us.

Personally, it feels like the past few weeks have been preparation for the portal or opening this eclipse represents. It is shake up time. It is wake-up time.

Now that is pretty interesting to consider, especially when I have a tendency to believe I am already awake. There in lies the point. Awakening is an ongoing process. Evolving consciousness is a journey.., not a destination.

Which reminds me that whatever this particular solar eclipse offers in terms of new energies or awareness… it isn’t the end-all or be-all. It is one stepping stone on the path.

With that said… here is how it feels for me.

As an explorer and mapmaker I have spent a lot of time gathering, processing and absorbing the terrain and characteristics of my internal world. Recognizing patterns, discovering conflicting or limiting beliefs, altering behaviors, developing skills and tools to assist in not only surviving but advancing on my journey.

At the same time, I’ve also made a lot of assumptions. Misunderstood some of the signals. Ignored some of the signs. There is a lot of “stuff” I am carrying that I will never need or use. I picked these up as a part of an experience or during challenging parts of the journey. However at this point it seems unlikely I will ever need them again. So now is a good time to set this crap down!

Still.., I am aware that there are themes or insights that continually reoccur. These could be considered “the basics”. Situations, circumstances and solutions that I encounter over and over again. The awarenesses, experiences and lessons that reveal themselves or that at this point, I am pretty sure are with me for the long haul ( i.e. the principles of Intentional Living). This could be very different for you, however it means those things you keep coming back to that always feel right and aligned for you.

It feels like these “basics” are what’re being impacted by this Solar Eclipse! Like the stars and planets, they are always there. Always a part of our experience. But during the light of day, which represents much of our awakened state, we don’t and can’t see them. They are out of our thoughts. Yet, they’re always there in the background.

Then, something happens and they are brought into view or our awareness in a way that allows us to see them from a different perspective. In the case of this eclipse, they reveal themselves when a different source of light is blocked.

This feels like a time for reconnecting with the basics of who I am. What I value. A time to embrace the constant, guiding principles that are always with me. A time to deepen my connection with them and to become even more intimate with who I am, and why I’m here. To see what is current.

It also feels like the perfect time to set down the extra stuff! The stuff that as an inexperienced traveler I thought I would need or would guard against some unknown challenge or circumstance. Even the ‘souvenirs’ that I have held onto, as if without them I would forget where I have been.

For me this eclipse is an opportunity to get current and to stay present with ‘The Basics’.

With Light, Love, and Laughter