CommunityYesterday Fito and I went to a fundraising event for ‘The Joy Bus’. It was a great afternoon, supporting a worthwhile cause, in a beautiful setting. One of the things that I really enjoyed was being immersed in community.

Building community is part of our mission. It is important to know where to lean into when you are feeling alone or challenged. To be connected to like-hearted people who support you right where you are. And yesterday, I was reminded that community is an important motivator for gratitude and an important source of beauty.

I felt surrounded and supported by a web of community. Each one of us connected in multiple ways. Each one in our own unique ways. The idea of six degrees of separation actually feels small and intimate when you are part of an organic gathering.

There is such beauty in community. One of the things I witnessed several times was how easily others will connect into the web of community. Especially when they already feel a kinship or bond with someone who is part of the group. Maybe that is about trust. Perhaps we feel a sense of safety, when someone we are already aligned with creates an introduction.

What I know is that there is a different energy that occurs when individuals gather.., and it is easier when there is already a sense of connectedness.

I teach about creating Crystal Grids as intention setting or as a meditative practice. One of the most powerful things about working with Crystal Grids is the synergy that is created as crystals and intentions are added to a grid. Each crystal with our intention for it, deepens and expands this synergy. And it is a synergy that can’t be duplicated. Even if you were to build another grid, the next day, using the same crystals.

We are much the same. In each gathering where we come together, we create and build a new synergy. And just like a crystal grid, it is a new synergy each time. Different motivation, inspirations or intentions fuel the new gathering.

Yet, when you bring members of a community together, there is a cumulative effect. There is a build. An expansion. Trust me, I am not saying it is always easy, or without challenge. We are human, there will be ups as well as downs. But knowing, trusting and feeling safe, when we are in a heavy or challenging place, is made easier by our sense of belonging.

Take away any distractions, demands or expectations and suddenly you are surrounded by the pure beauty of community. If you are like me, you can’t help but feel grateful.

These experiences take us outside of ourselves. They create a visceral experience of being part of more. They diminish the distorted sense of separation that most of us have been programmed to experience. They assist us in feeling connected to something greater than ourselves. A synergistic connection that is usually quite challenging to create on our own.

What communities are you building? Where are feeling your connection, trust and safety the strongest? Which ones are portals for fun, gratitude and beauty? This week, let your communities (including Storm Wisdom) feed, inspire and support you. It is one of the easiest ways to bring contentment and joy into your day!

And by the way: thanks for being part of my community!

With Light, Love, and Laughter