Years ago when I was writing about crystals, I decided to use the write-ups to create the ‘Magic of Crystals’ iPhone app.  In the app I wanted to include a tool to assist in selecting the right crystal(s) based on the crystal’s properties and what someone’s area of focus was while they were using it.

This triggered a review of the write-ups, where I was looking for patterns or common areas of focus or strength for each crystal.  Grounding, intuition, abundance, clarity, etc.  In total I identified 14 different properties.

Now mind you, every crystal includes all of these properties.  What I was looking for, based on what I had written, were the top 3 properties for each crystal.  One of the properties I identified at the time was ‘Self-Awareness’.

Here is my confession.  At the time, I personally thought self-awareness was the least interesting of these properties.  The low-hanging fruit.

Sure it was great to develop more confidence, have higher self-esteem, understand where a particular pattern originated, etc.  But, how about tapping into a different relationship with money and wealth?  Or, being more anchored in your body to ensure your stability and sure direction? Or even amping up our ability to receive the internal guidance or messages we get from our senses or intuition?

Those were the properties that really had some weight or juice for me.  At the time.

Flash forward to today.  Now I wonder if Self-Awareness isn’t the property to really focus on!

First and foremost, let me start by saying I believe we all come here to learn and grow. It is our way to add a unique voice, perspective and experience to evolving consciousness.

As we become more of our unique SELF, we shift everything.  The world around us begins to align with the updated version of who we are.  Sure, sometimes these shifts feels uncomfortable or foreign.  Especially when we’re moving in a direction that has been avoided for a long time or we didn’t think was possible.

Yet the changes happen quickly.  Not down the road in some unknown or unknowable time.  Immediately.  In ways that reflect the shifts and changes we are making.

Sometimes this means we begin to change the narrative of “this is how it (or I’ve) has always been.” Or realizing that there’s an old story you’ve been telling yourself that no longer fits.  “Love is hard, it takes work”, “Nothing ever works out for me”, “that sort of thing only happens for ‘those’ people”, and so on…

Self-Awareness is not only about being “aware” of the stories, patterns, or beliefs that are holding us back.  It is about making the choice to shift or change them.  Even the ones that seem loving and kind.  We hear how we are here to be of service to other.  I believe that may be true, but only after we take care of ourselves.   If you are constantly putting off your own needs because of others, eventually being of service to them will suffer too.  Remember: Put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others.

Deciding to make changes based on our own awareness, puts the authority for what is happening in our lives squarely on our shoulders, where it belongs.  Which actually is a big challenge for many of us.  One of the most profound awarenesses we can have, is recognizing when we are giving our authority or personal power away to a spouse, family member, doctor, political party, guru, media, religion, influencer, etcetera, etcetera.

When someone or something else drives our personal choices, our ability to experience self-awareness and to make desired shifts and changes, becomes greatly diminished.

Now you don’t have to share my belief about being here to learn and grow. You don’t even need to give a thought to evolving consciousness or crystals.  You can still benefit greatly from becoming more self-aware of the ways in which you are limiting, stopping, or avoiding becoming the YOU that longs to Be and begin to make choices that are more aligned with the updated YOU.

Yeah, changing long held beliefs, breaking patterns, and making more aligned choice may seem daunting at first.  The good news is that just moving in a direction that is aligned with your own self-awareness, opens up a flow of energetic support that just isn’t available when you are fighting your own internal knowing and/or nature.  Instead of feeling as if you are swimming upstream, I think you will find that the potential and possibilities for the future are endless.