ThePastNotANavigationToolFor a number of years now I have been saying that “what worked in the past, is no longer working”. Most of the time this was a reference to the distorted worlds of corporate greed, political shenanigans, religious dogma and predominantly male dominated institutions.

The way it seems to me, if we are to survive and thrive on the planet, we will need to bring balance and harmony to our co-existence with everything else on the planet; with each other; and All-That-Is. This means that the choices we made in the past, the tactics that we used, and the way we think about ourselves as stewards of the planet will need to shift. Dramatically.

We all know people who were successful by using fear, manipulation and deceit. It was all just part of the game. Dominate others, before you are dominated! Yet what we have been witnessing for awhile now is that this approach is no longer working. Since many who use it are not awake enough to use a different approach… They are simply attempting more of the same, with diminishing returns on the results.

That is still happening and will continue to happen. Accelerated even. But there is a new aspect that is emerging. Many of us are experiencing distortions in time. Mostly the feeling of time accelerating. Frequently at “warp speed”. What I have noticed recently is that with this feeling of rapid elapsing time, it is impossible to look to the past for answers or confirmation of the direction we are going towards.

Of course it was NEVER intended that we would use the past as a navigation tool. It has always been the backdrop of our lives. But with the intense distortion in the field – greed, fear, manipulation, violence and more; we began to look to the past to try and predict our exposure or weakness, an attempt to protect our true vulnerable nature. Using the past to navigate the future became common and seemed logical.

So the Universe, in its infinite wisdom has created a distorted sense of time. Many of us are experiencing life in new ways, simply because we do not have time to mine the past for old insights. We have to respond to the present.

Here is what I am experiencing right now. “Time is out of sequence” or me out of sequence with time. Energetically I am aware that my life has completely changed. I feel completely different than I did a short time ago. I KNOW I am different. Yet when I look at our 3-D, physical world… I can’t find the proof of it yet. Much of my life looks exactly the same.

BUT.., when I try to examine the past to see if I have encountered this sensation before; or if there is any pattern buried there that would help me understand what is going on; time accelerates and I am brought back to the present moment. With an overwhelming sense that I simply need to trust the truth of what I know. Even without proof.

Tell me what is going on for you! Are you feeling a shift in your relationship to the past? Are you looking for proof of what you already know is true? Is this throwing you off, getting you excited or ???

We are shifting and changing. We must. We are beings of consciousness whose greatest desire is to expand our awareness of ourselves, the world, the galaxy and All-That-Is. Right now, we can do a lot to help ourselves during this time of chaos and transformation with bringing our focus into and on the Present. Trust what you know, feel and sense!

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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