Do you ever wonder how or why things turn out the way they do? What turn, decision or detour changed the direction of your life? That is where my thoughts have been recently.

For many years I felt like I was in charge of my destiny. That I could control the outcomes and circumstances of my life. There were even extended periods of time when, what I was ‘planning’ and what was actually happening seemed to be completely aligned. It reinforced my belief that I was in charge.

But now when I reflect on the journey so far, I realize there is no way I could have predicted this outcome. It is so much more than I even knew to dream.

Life is filled with challenges and obstacles. It is also filled with smooth sailing and fast lanes. There are just as many highways as there are deadend streets and off-road trails. Sometimes it feels like the road your on has a red light at every intersection. Then suddenly it is smooth sailing and every light turns green as you approach.

It is easy to celebrate the journey when everything is flowing and aligned with ‘the plan’. Yet it is our reactions to the road blocks and rough patches that tend to define us. They can motivate us or strengthens our resolve, send us into a downward spiral, or anything in between.

But how many of these rough patches or detours are the experiences that really shape the long term richness of our lives?

A couple of weeks ago while I was writing one of these weekly blog posts, I typed the lyrics from a song on the page: “Sometimes I thank god for unanswered prayers”. I wasn’t even sure where it came from.., or why I typed it. It wasn’t relevant to what I was writing at the time.

Today it makes sense.

Today is a perfect day to be in awe and wonder of all the things that didn’t go as planned, yet turned out for the best. The decisions and choices that we questioned or doubted that lead to an opportunity that otherwise we would have missed.

I think about the promotions, jobs, relationships, properties or things that at the time I wanted so badly. That I thought without them, life wouldn’t be complete.., or even worse I would never survive! (yeah, I might have had a flair for the dramatic!)

And yet everyone of those experiences were part of the journey. Stepping stones that lead me to where I am now. Part of the beautiful landscape that is the past. I may not have known it then, or when I was in the throws of not getting what I wanted. But each of them is something to be grateful for!

Want to join me? Today lets celebrate the things that didn’t work out!