Do you ever feel the weight of “getting it right”?

For a while now, I’ve had this sensation of something being different.  But it’s been hard to figure out exactly what that really means.

One thing that has been apparent though is that there is nothing to “get right”.  That means it (getting it right) also carries no weight.

Often, when we are in the middle of a situation or the circumstances of our lives, it can be hard to understand the impact. Meaning, we don’t understand the benefits or toll a situation is taking, until it’s behind us.

Then we have the benefit of hindsight.

What is different for me right now is that I’m not trying to figure out what this current energetic shift is all about.  And.., if I’m not trying to figure it out, I’m not trying to get it right.

‘Getting it right’ is a form of perfectionism. And perfectionism is an attempt to control.  And..,I have lots of experience with trying to control the people, situations, and circumstances of my life.

This is true even when the changes or shifts are energetic.  Meaning, they are manifesting but have not been realized yet.  That is how things feel for me right now.

It is different when we are envisioning and imagining something new.  Then we are aware of why or what is evolving.  In those cases, we understand why we are experiencing the sensation of something being different.  We are more invested in having it unfold in a particular way.

I believe we experience unexpected shifts in our lives all the time.  I know I do.  The problem is, When it is not something we’re expecting, we try to put context around it. We try to understand, shape, influence, expand, etc.  Even though we have no idea what it is even about.

The problem with forcing context around a sensation we don’t understand is that oftentimes we limit it.  We make it conform to past situations that we remember.  Even when they are not necessarily related to anything that has happened before.  We limit the possibilities and potential.

I know when I stay out of my own way, possibilities are expanded.  But possibilities are an unknown and we all know how uncomfortable the unknown can be.