TimeToCelebrateI can’t even begin to tell you how strange it feels to be celebrating our 7th Anniversary! May 1, 2009 was our first day of business. In many ways it feels like that was just yesterday. On the other hand, it is hard to remember a time when Storm Wisdom didn’t exist! It feels like it has always been part of my life.

Of course 7 years ago what I imagined would happen and what has happened are worlds apart. Somethings I imagined or attempted have been colossal failures… While at the same time things I could not have imagined are now firmly engrained as a part of what we offer and what we do. It has been a time of fluid adaption. I imagine that will continue as long as we are doing what we do!

For the weekend of Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st, we will be celebrating all day long. We will have drawings/door prizes, grab bags, food, festivities and surprises. On Saturday evening, we will have one of our parties.., which even if I say so myself.., we are known for!! We know how to throw a party!!

This year we are celebrating 7 years of loving and supporting local artists! Since the beginning we have had amazing relationships with artists who are creating jewelry, art, lotions, sculptures, glass-work, beading, alters, inspirational art, clothing, silk dye, kaleidoscopes, leather goods, books, music, meditations, coloring mandalas, pendulums, orgonite, and much more.

Working with local artists has allowed us to create a unique gift environment that is hard to duplicate or replicate. It means that our store is constantly changing and evolving because our artists do as well.

At the same time, we offer a unique upscale environment for artists to display and sell their work. All of them have been aligned with our vision of intentional living and having their art at Storm Wisdom reinforces that! We have created a beautiful symbiotic relationship with hundreds of artists over the past seven years. And although many are no longer with us.., they are and always will be part of our story.

At our celebration we will feature several local artists who will be here for a meet & greet. Hear about their inspirations and passions directly from them. I know you will love them!

So.., Please, please, please… Consider joining us for our celebration weekend. You too have been an important part of our success. We are grateful for each and everyone who has walked through our doors.

Today, many of us who work at Storm Wisdom were participating in an event at the store. During this workshop the topic of “community” came up. I was reminded once again – how important creating community is and how much it is a core value for us here. We live and breathe community and that means we are here for you. We grow you… And you grow us! On so many levels!

If you are around on April 30th or May 1st.., come see us. You are already in our hearts… Come give us a hug, a handshake or fist-bump! It will mean the world to me.., and the rest of the Storm Wisdom family!

A special thank you to Sundance on Success and Arizona Mind Body Spirit for helping us to create and promote the Saturday Evening Celebration. Come have your picture taken in front of our “vanity wall” and just know that the first 120 people to join us will have a nice surprise to take home with them.

Finally… Instead of doing a “SALE” this weekend… We decided to donate 10% of our proceeds from the weekend to “The Joy Bus Diner” that will be opening just a few doors down from us. This not-for-profit restaurant will help fund “The Joy Bus” that delivers meals to cancer patients at home in the Phoenix area who are going through chemotherapy! To learn more about this amazing organization… Check them out at www.thejoybus.org We will also be doing a fifty/fifty raffle on their behalf as well as donation jars. We are thrilled to support them!

See you in two weeks… Remember to Save the Date!

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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