TurnOnTheLigttLet’s talk about Energy. I frequently mention that I find myself navigating my day by sensing, feeling, or simply knowing where, what, when, or with whom I have a connection. What feels right.., what resonates. This means I am either drawn to something or I am not. Sometimes I even feel repelled by something or someone. When this happens, I want to move away from it or them.

These sensations are all based on energies that either feel harmonious, static, or discordant. Energies that are either bumping up against our own energies or blending with them. Never forgetting that there are significantly more energies that we are oblivious to, simply because they neutral for us.

Each one of us has our own energetic field. Everything we do affects this field. The food and exercise choices we make, the people we hang out with, our work environments, our attitude, our behavior, our thoughts and our emotions. As we walk around, people may be drawn to, repelled by or oblivious to us. AND, us to them. Basic and simple to understand.., right?

Well here’s the rub. For a long time, most of us suppressed or did not trust our ability to sense or interpret the sensations that we got from the people, places and things around us… Unless it was dramatic or intense. This means that in order for us to reconnect with our ability to sense, feel and trust energies, we had to amplify our awareness of them. We had to turn up the volume.

The easiest way to do that in a dualistic world is to divide them into ‘good or bad’, ‘right or wrong’, ‘positive or negative’ ‘light or dark’. Then as we experience them we label and even judge them. We needed to do this. We needed to go through this phase of awareness or awakening to energies in order to evolve. To remember we are multi-faceted beings with extraordinary resources and senses (both physical and spiritual)

For a long time, as we were becoming aware of and adapting to this awareness of energies, we oftentimes focused on what was bad. What was not working, what felt negative. We began to develop ways to shift our relationship to those energies that did not feel aligned or harmonious. We began to fight these negative energies. As if they could be eliminated… Or that once we fought them off, we would never have to deal with them again. However, that is not how it works.

Energy is just energy. It isn’t good or bad, positive or negative. It is energy.

But we have built cottage industries around fighting negative energies. Getting rid of the bad vibes. Clearing and cleansing a space. Protecting and defending our own personal energetic fields. And although I think this made sense as we were becoming aware and needed the tools and practices to expand our awareness of energy. It is time to stop fighting these energies. As long as we are battling them, we keep them alive and present. We pay attention to them, so we draw them to us.

Instead, let’s make choices that are aligned with what we are creating; what we desire. The truth is.., We will always be surrounded by energy. Energies that covers every part of the sensory spectrum. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to be aware. Not to fight or defend ourselves against energies. That is a loosing battle.

Instead, let’s take care of ourselves. Let’s nourish our own energetic bodies. Give them what they long for and what makes them feel whole and secure. If something does not feel aligned, recognize it and let it go. If someone feels disruptive to our energetic alignment, move away from them. Let’s spend our time taking care of ourselves. And recognize that just because something or someone is not in alignment with us, does not mean they are bad or wrong. It means their current frequency is not harmony with our own.

All the skills, tools and practices are still useful. They can just as easily be used to enhance your energetic field and assist you in discerning what is for your highest good. Versus fighting those things that are uncomfortable or discordant. In other words turn up the volume on your Light and don’t worry about the darkness. It is the contrast with darkness that allows your Light to shine brighter!  Shine On!

With Light, Love, and Laughter