For quite awhile now, much of my focus has been on Intentional Living. Over time I have even developed a model or method for this which I have shared many times here on this blog. The eleven principles of living an intentional life that resonate the most for me.

I live by these principles.

Most of the time!!

For the last week or two, I have also had numerous experiences of NOT being intentional…. Yet for some reason could only see this in hind-sight.

This doesn’t mean I wasn’t getting clues and intuitive hits about what was going on. It means I wasn’t paying attention to them. Instead I was operating from a very unconscious place. Just walking along, not minding my business, only to discover I was creating circumstances and situations that didn’t line up with my beautiful life.

In the past, these bumps in the road I would interpret as some sort of external anomaly, that was beyond or out of my control. Something I was a “victim” of…

Yet.., because like you, I have been more and more aware of my own authority and reality creation, I knew there was something here to look at. Something to pay attention to.

Why was this series of events happening? What is the lesson or here to be learned?

In all of these circumstances, I wasn’t paying attention to my own preferences or desires. I wasn’t checking in with myself to see if something felt aligned or resonant. I was thinking of someone else first. In several of these situations, I put someone else’s comfort or preference ahead of my own. (Whether they were aware of it or not!!)

In each case, I created uncomfortable outcomes for myself. And in a couple of cases, as much if not more impact on the other people involved.

I realized that going unconscious about these situations was actually a choice. I thought I could self-manage through them.., and the other person/people would never know. I thought it would be easier to go along, rather than communicate, change or modify my participation or role. I didn’t want someone to think I wasn’t being a “nice guy”.

Now I know this happens to all of us once in awhile. But I have had a string of these! Several of them in just the last 10 days!

Today as I reflect on all of this I realize it is time for me to be alert. Instead of being a sleep at the wheel, it is time to focus on where I am going. I guess I just needed a little wake up call!

With Light, Love, and Laughter