Wake Up

For quite awhile now, much of my focus has been on Intentional Living. Over time I have even developed a model or method for this which I have shared many times here on this blog. The eleven principles of living an intentional life that resonate the most for me.

I live by these principles.

Most of the time!!

For the last week or two, I have also had numerous experiences of NOT being intentional…. Yet for some reason could only see this in hind-sight.

This doesn’t mean I wasn’t getting clues and intuitive hits about what was going on. It means I wasn’t paying attention to them. Instead I was operating from a very unconscious place. Just walking along, not minding my business, only to discover I was creating circumstances and situations that didn’t line up with my beautiful life.

In the past, these bumps in the road I would interpret as some sort of external anomaly, that was beyond or out of my control. Something I was a “victim” of…

Yet.., because like you, I have been more and more aware of my own authority and reality creation, I knew there was something here to look at. Something to pay attention to.

Why was this series of events happening? What is the lesson or here to be learned?

In all of these circumstances, I wasn’t paying attention to my own preferences or desires. I wasn’t checking in with myself to see if something felt aligned or resonant. I was thinking of someone else first. In several of these situations, I put someone else’s comfort or preference ahead of my own. (Whether they were aware of it or not!!)

In each case, I created uncomfortable outcomes for myself. And in a couple of cases, as much if not more impact on the other people involved.

I realized that going unconscious about these situations was actually a choice. I thought I could self-manage through them.., and the other person/people would never know. I thought it would be easier to go along, rather than communicate, change or modify my participation or role. I didn’t want someone to think I wasn’t being a “nice guy”.

Now I know this happens to all of us once in awhile. But I have had a string of these! Several of them in just the last 10 days!

Today as I reflect on all of this I realize it is time for me to be alert. Instead of being a sleep at the wheel, it is time to focus on where I am going. I guess I just needed a little wake up call!

With Light, Love, and Laughter


  1. Wow, Charles, it is a GREAT wake-up call for me also… been noticing for years that a ton of my friends and family from snow-country all want to visit Arizona mid-winter… imagine that… I am a working woman, working on my own online business full-time plus overtime, and engaged in meaningful creative projects happening in many arenas of my life, from growing avocado trees to occasionally chicken-sitting my landlord’s chickens hoping one day to turn them into therapy chickens so I can volunteer yet one more place in the community… well, visiting friends and relatives take up a lot of energy time and frankly sometimes just plain upheaval. Learning where and when I can rearrange my life to accomodate loved ones has always been challenging, but this year especially so. I, like you, Charles, tried to “pretend” I could do it all, and it has helped me on many levels to “stretch” and be a stronger, better, wiser person. On other less positive levels, it has created a sense of confusion and loss, knowing I have given in to other people’s agendas while sacrificing my own goals, values and sense of calm. Been a teeter-totter of being able to “let-go” of my own agenda to “allow” as Winnie the Pooh would do, other opportunities and joy in my life by going wayyyyyyyyyyyyy off course, to purposefully shake up my life a bit… after all, I say to myself, seriously, if the avocado trees don’t survive their transplant due to my neglect, does it really matter in the long run? Well, maybe not. But, darn, I wish I could do it all. Bottom line, I realized that all of it is important while at the same time, really most of it isn’t. So, today while I’m working away on the busiest day of the week for my online eBay store, I would rather be reading Charle’s blogs over and over again. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Ha, see what I mean? Not enough hours in the day. It’s not just a time-management issue… after all, project leadership was my fortay for 30+years. Hope that helps anyone reading to know it’s a challenge I have come to believe many of us resolve in our own way. I’m just happy to know we have multiple lives; maybe I CAN do it all!

    • You’ve added so many dimensions to the thread of a wake-up call Darla by sharing the juggling act, priorities, expectations, and mixed-message desires… (mixed between our own and those of others). You’ve helped me realize that some of my missing the messages is just plain old daily life commitments and distractions too!

      Thanks for filling and rounding out this post!

      • Wow, and you, Charles, added yet another level… rounding out the WHOLE picture for yourself and your readers… Love it!

  2. So very true Charles. Recently I was sick for a couple of weeks. I focused mindfully on my body, doing whatever it needed to heal. However, after I felt better,
    I mindlessly attempted to ‘catch up’ with everything that I thought I needed to do. I felt like I could never get everything accomplished. Instead of honoring where
    I was, and understanding that I didn’t need to try to catch up but to relax and do what I could, I was getting more aggravated with myself and the situation. After a few days I began to feel sick again, and that was a big wake up call for me. My body was screaming for me to stop the insanity. Now when I feel myself ‘mindlessly’ going about
    my day, I stop and focus on the now. Thank you for your insight, as always.

    • We are on a similar track.., I just need to catch up with you Linda! I woke up this morning knowing I had to become more mindful of and hear the messages from my body. It has been my one ongoing area of unconsciousness that has had consistency since I stopped dominating it! Now to find a way of being with it in dominion! Giving it voice seems like the perfect place for me to start. Thanks way-shower!

  3. “As the World Churns” what is our role? To be loving and choose what brings us the most joy. For if we are joy filled, then that is what we are radiating out and sharing with others. When we please our self, not needing to feel we must please others to gain acceptance and approval, then we are in authenticity. Never the less, there are times when pleasing another before our self is more joyful and loving – let your heart guide which path to follow at any moment. Are you doing the right thing for the right reason or the wrong reason? Your heat knows, where your mind will only create a story to suit its’ perspective. In the end hind sight will let you know if you have lovingly allowed all things to be in their right time and place – starting with yourself.
    Charles you have been blessed with recurring themes to awaken knowings that needed light to be shown on them again and unlike most characters on this Earth stage you have grasped the meanings of the messages played out for you. Not only that, you have created a place where you can share them so that others can benefit from your experiences. I for one am grateful for you weekly sharing’s.
    Letting the situations of life – PAST events – dominate you focus is telling the Universe you are not in control, that you still be do truly believe you are a creator being determining your own fate. The mundane is only mundane if you believe it to be so. A creator manifests; not accept what others provide for it.
    Shine On and Namaste

    • As always Joseph, Thank You for sharing your insights and perspective! You always expand the conversation and content.


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