WelcometotheJungleI love how perfect the analogy of ‘exploring a jungle’ aligns with our own self-discovery and personal journeys. Navigating our daily lives is akin to heading into the thicket of a never-ending primeval forest.

Imagine a band of adventurers, wielding machetes, ropes and picks making their way through heavy underbrush and vines. Clearing paths as they go. Leaving markers and signs along the trail and documenting their trials and accomplishments. Savoring their successes and learning from their losses. Often times separated from one another because of terrain only large enough for one.

Occasionally we encounter others who are also exploring this jungle. Sharing stories, legends, local lore and warnings while huddled around a campfire. Describing amazing beauty, riches and resources beyond our wildest dreams.., and offering warnings of the dangers and obstacles that will likely be encountered along the way.

That is what we are up to as we navigate life. Whether we relate to being spiritual explorers or not; the truth is we are. It is in our nature to be curious, to want to know more, to expand our awareness and personal understanding of this physical 3-D world. Exploring the unknown and unseen. We are Consciousness incarnate and Consciousness wants to expand!

We forget that we are an extension or a part of All-That-Is. Instead we imagine that we are trying to find our way back to the Source or Origin from which we came. Yet we are that Source. Each one of us representing a totally unique aspect, perspective and set of experiences. Expanded awareness and knowledge that will never be offered by any other Being. Like snowflakes, leaves or fingerprints… No two ever the same.

And yet, because we use similar tools, languages, and environments for our expansion or exploration, it is easy to compare ourselves to one another. To see another’s strength as something we could only aspire to. Someone else’s creation or success as more than we could conceive or offer. Or even imagine that because we have great impact, that we are more deserving of reward than another. We create a sense of separation not only from the source, but from each other. Better than, less than. We create our own duality.

And still, we explore. Reminding ourselves why we came here in the first place. To learn, grow and expand. Sure, we start off from the borders or edge of that which was discovered by those who went before us. But make no mistake, we are still creating new pathways; still exploring the jungles of time and space. We are still expanding Consciousness.

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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