Have you ever wanted something so much that you could feel it like it was already there? How did you feel in that moment? What emotions were involved? Was there a physical response? Was your imagination involved? How about all of your other senses? Did it eventually materialize? Was it what you imagined or was it something different or better than you imagined?

Now, remember a time when you thought about wanting or hoping for something. This time you might have desired it but didn’t really feel it, imagine what it would be like to have it, or maybe it was just something nice to have, right? Did it materialize eventually?

In both cases, most likely, the desire was for something material, right? Which way resulted in greater success for you? For me, it happens when my imagination, senses and emotions are involved. The best outcomes are when I let go of trying to control them! Actually, the results are usually better than I imagined. Is it easy to do? For me, not so much. I’m learning. How about you?

So, what happens when you still feel a yearning, longing, or hope for something that you can’t name? For me, this has been a conscious journey of seeking for over 30 years. It began as tears unexpectedly appeared while I prayed or listened to music in church. I didn’t know why and couldn’t explain why it happened at first. This began an amazing adventure and expansive journey of self re-discovery! I call it the journey of the soul. Rumi says it this way, “The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires.” I often think of it as the journey home to our authentic self and our true nature which is LOVE!

Does this mean that I’ve given up desiring “things”? No. What I’ve noticed is that they aren’t as important to me. More important is my soul’s journey of remembering, growing, and being of service. How about you? I came to this shift later in life. Some of you may have made this shift much earlier in your lives. I feel that we’ve all made these choices before incarnating and arriving here. We don’t always remember them though. “Free Will” gives us opportunities to make our own choices, however.

When I talked to an astrologer, for the first time, about 20 years ago I learned I chose it! I chose to experience and learn in a more traditional way in the early years of my life. I was surprised but it made a lot of sense. Later I chose to remember, experience, and grow in a not so traditional way. Does this make sense?

While we’re here we are so lucky to “get to choose” what we desire, imagine, and create. We “get to feel” the full range of emotions – what’s real! I invite you to listen for and hear the yearning and longing of your soul if you haven’t already. Then a different journey will present itself to you if you choose! What a glorious adventure of self re-discovery it is! Mine has taken me places I never imagined and as a result I’ve become more open to receive, kind, compassionate, loving, and willing to help others in different ways.

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