Today felt like the perfect day to write in new surroundings… Well, new for my writing routine. I normally enjoy being in my comfy-chair, alone with my thoughts. But today, I wanted the energy of people around me.

It is different writing with hustle and bustle going on so nearby. Yet today it feels right.

I am someone who relies on routine. Structure is my friend. The more predictable a situation is, the more I like it. Most of the time.

I think we are all this way. We like things the way we like them. Now I am not saying everyone relates to or wants routine. It could be that spontaneity is your preference. Or perhaps even chaos! We all have our preferences. The way we like things.

BUT.., when something else is drawing us or we feel the call to change it up.., it is important to pay attention. To stay with what feels right in the moment. On the one hand you could say this is “following the energy”, which is true. But today, it feels more like “Taking Care of Myself”.

You see, when I first started thinking about shifting my morning routine, my first thought was to resist. I realize I had a story. I was locked into a routine. And to tell you the truth, I wasn’t aware of it.

I don’t want to make it seem like this minor choice took me hours or anything. However it was interesting to hear the internal messages I was bombarding myself with.., even if just for a few minutes. Would I be able to concentrate? Would I be able to write? What if it takes me a longtime, and someone needs the space I am taking up. I could feel a weird mixture of emotions and limiting thoughts.

It was this awareness that I was pushing up against a small story that convinced me I needed to just follow the mental-nudge to do something different. To expand the container I had created about my writing process. To honor the internal push! Bottom line.., to take care of myself!

All of this has lead me to wonder, how often do I miss these opportunities to move beyond or expand my view? It also makes me grateful for realizing that sometimes our ability to evolve our level of awareness or consciousness, can come in such a gentle and mundane form.

No huge drama, upset or costly lesson. Simply paying attention to what we are being called or inspired to do.

In this moment I realize that experiencing these kinds of gentle insights or lessons is something I envision , pray for and intend for myself. Who knew how easily they actually manifest! Now I just need to pay attention to and then follow-through with them!

Whispers instead of shouts!

With Light, Love, and Laughter