I want to tell you why we are here.  Why we do what we do and why we exist.  And it is quite simple: We are here to connect and create connections.

Here is what I mean.  Life is busy, hectic, distracting, and demanding.  Most of us are being pulled in multiple directions, most of time.  We have family, work, health, relationship and social commitments that are all vying for our attention.

And if that is not enough, we are saturated with global information, news and content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Anything that is happening, anywhere in the world is or can be known within minutes if not seconds.

As we go about our days juggling our ‘to-do-list’ amidst the buzz and noise of a technology-based world.., it is often hard to get our own needs met.  We are eating on the run.   Checking in with loved ones between meetings. Trying to get home early enough to relax or catch-up on rest, before starting it all over again.

We have become experts at multi-tasking.., yet at the same time it can be hard to connect with the most important person in this equation.  Ourselves.  Believe it or not our connection to Self Is the first and most important connection we are here to make.

We are naturally evolving Beings.  We are crafting and creating our lives from moment to moment.  But when it feels like time is flying by, how do we slow down enough to connect to any given moment.  It is a challenge for many of us.

You may have a sense of what your partner, children, parents, boss, co-workers or friends want from you… but what do you want?

The interesting thing is that the answer to these questions cannot be solved by the mind.  Or at least the mind alone.  No, it requires all of you.  Mind, Body, Spirit.  Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.   It requires a connection to Self.

Guess what… each of us has the capacity and capability to create this connection.  AND.., most of us are being invited to do exactly that.  There is something inside of us that longs for our attention and intention.  Our senses, intuition, instincts, awareness and internal guidance are constantly sending us messages.

The challenge is to be able to hear and interpret them.

These internal messages are quiet.  They are subtle.  Many of us don’t even know they are there.  For the ones that do, we may still ignore or dismiss them.  Either way, we do this because they are competing with the noise from the external world!  Our external world.

Who has time to listen to the subtle whispers from within, when everything and everyone around us is shouting for our attention?

Still… there is a knowing.  You know that there is a way to access and use these internal gifts and personal talents to shift your life.  To feel whole and complete in the midst of all the competing priorities.  To confront the challenges and opportunities of each day with a balanced perspective that honors all aspects of who you are.  To be and make conscious choices.

This is the journey of self-awareness.  To connect with Self.  It is why we exist.

This is also why Storm Wisdom exists.  To support you in making and deepening your connection to Self.  To turn up the volume of your own internal insights and guidance.  Not to do it for you, but to create an environment where subtle messages, intuition and knowing is experienced.  To honor the journey and strengthen the connection to your own authority and uniqueness.

We do this by creating a beautiful, serene and uplifting environment that offers gifts, tools, products and art that stimulate the imagination.  Beauty is one of the easiest ways to connect with yourself.  Be that in Nature, the face of a loved one or the texture and color of a beautiful piece of jewelry or art.  Allow beauty to be personal, allow it to move you.

Explore tools and techniques such as crystals, sage, essential oils, candles, soaps, oracle decks, sprays or mandalas to open and expand your senses.

Enjoy the experience of being in an environment where the evolution of individual consciousness is honored and explored.  Step into the world of Intentional Living.

Then, when you are ready, we offer one-on-one support for sinking into your internal world.  Discover your unique and innate purpose.  Uncover any resistances or blocks that are ready to be released.  Get a supportive, yet objective perspective of internal beliefs or patterns that may be holding you back.   We have an experienced team of Intuitive Spiritual Consultants who can offer insights, guidance and reflection.  Each with an awareness of and ability to work with your entire energetic field.  Energetic Healing that meets you right where you are.

Finally in our cherished group space, we offer a wide range of workshops, seminars, and meditation experiences that can help you discover even more of who you are and who you are becoming.  Many are stepping stones to other experiences, teachers and facilitators that will allow continuous and ongoing opportunities to deepen the connection to your true Self.  Group experiences that are shared with others, yet offer personal growth and expansion.

Which leads to another aspect of our commitment to connect.  Building community.  Many amazing friendships and connections have started simply by sharing a common experience here at Storm Wisdom.  This could be from being apart of a casual and spontaneous conversation that starts in the store, to an insightful or impactful shared classroom experience around a predefined topic.  Connecting with others who are also committed to learning, awareness and personal expansion offers each of us unique insights into this magical experience we share.  This journey called Life.  This journey to a deeper knowing of our Self.

When you connect with and operate from the truth of who you are, you change the circumstances and situations in your life.  You do this by engaging with them in a way that honors you.  And when you show up in your own knowing and truth, everything begins to change with you.

This is not a statement to imply ease or false happiness.  Instead it is about personal fulfillment.  We may face the same challenges and opportunities, however we now have the ability to approach them with greater access to our internal knowing.

So – Thank you!   You are our inspiration for creating this space and place to connect!