magicThis may be a bit premature, but I wanted to share with you something that I am doing. I am writing about Magic.

If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you know I often refer to myself as a spiritual magicians. I refer to others in the same way. I suppose this originates from the understanding that everything we perceive as real is actually an illusion. It is our perspective based on beliefs, experiences, and our attitude.

As spiritual magicians we recognize that the illusion is our own creation. We intentionally start to manipulate and change it based on a sense of ownership, authority and responsibility. We are playing with and using magic. We have begun to author or direct our own reality.

The truth is you don’t have to be spiritual at all to alter the circumstances of your life. I know this because for many years I did this quite effectively. Many people do. I was able to craft and create many amazing things in my life without ever giving a single thought to spirituality or to our interconnectedness. I actually took pride in my ability to do it on my own.

But there was something missing. I was disconnected from myself. I was distracted by the reality I was creating. The illusion was more important than me. I knew what I wanted to create..,I just wasn’t sure why.

Like many I reached a point in my life where the question ‘why’ became a priority. The purpose of life. Why am I here? What inside me longs to be known, shared or experienced.

This is how the journey inward begins. Those questions can’t be answered by anything or anyone outside of ourselves. We answer them though reflection and self-evaluation. By developing the ability to observe our personalities and personas. With an objective perspective, we begin to see our true Self.

We start to realized that much of what we think, what we believe.., doesn’t even belong to us. It was shaped by our parents, family, schools, churches, neighbors, environment, cultures and more. We adopted these thoughts as our own. We believed these thoughts and created realities that would continually reinforce them.

Mind you, this does not mean that the realities we create based on these thoughts or beliefs are bad! Many are amazing. Everyone has parts of their creations that they find satisfying and rewarding. Many will only ever know this way of being in the world. That’s okay.

But if you are like me, there is a call to something else. And that call comes from within. A quiet whisper that eventually becomes all you can hear. There is an image on our website. It says: “The journey to becoming the most authentic and unique you, is the most rewarding you will ever take.” This is the journey that leads to magic.

As spiritual magicians we begin to shift our experience of the illusion. Old behaviors and beliefs start to slip away. We see ways to shift and change the circumstances of our lives. We make new choices that create new outcomes.

Suddenly our internal senses and internal guidance are amplified. We recognize the synchronicity, coincidence and alignment that occurs when we follow our hearts. We follow our intuition and instincts. Even when our five physical senses tell us something different.

We begin to change our lives in ways we never imagined.

Now I believe we are at another threshold in our magic. Magic that moves us beyond the way we have been shifting the illusion that in the past felt so real. This new magic happens when we are in alignment with everything around us. With this new level of magic things materialize in unexplainable ways. The ease in which they happen is almost shocking. Which means we are being asked to experience a new level of receiving. No earning or proving. No struggle or demand for hard work.

Receiving because we are in alignment with All-That-Is. Through this connection our abilities as spiritual magicians is amplified!

I am not sure where this writing about magic will lead me.., but I can tell you this. The way it is flowing and materializing is magical!.

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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