YouAreLightI couple of weeks ago, I posted the image above on our Storm Wisdom Facebook page. I guess the whole subject was on my mind. I’d been in several similar conversations with clients and friends. They were asking my thoughts on how to fight off negative energy.

They were feeling drained by situations or people who they felt victimized by. Perhaps someone who was being intimidating, threatening or just plain manipulative. One of them works in an environment that feels toxic and draining. Where morale around them is low, yet people can’t afford to leave and they feel stuck.

Sometimes life is hard. People can be jerks. Unfortunately, there are people who are vindictive and mean. There are people who enjoy making other people miserable. Maybe because they are unhappy themselves. Maybe they’re upset that they didn’t get what they want!

Yuck. Who needs all that!?!

But here’s the thing. Even if you find yourself in one of these crazy negative situations, do you want to spend your time and energy fighting it? Think about it. It is so easy to feel like you are forced to engage. Required to stand your ground. Need to protect yourself from these energetic attacks.

But engaging with these energies, fighting them keeps them alive. The darkness feeds off of itself. Darkness wants more darkness. Darkness breeds decay. It is heavy. It feels consuming. Darkness wants to draw you in so that it can smother your Light.

When you enter the ring with darkness, you are in it’s arena. You are playing its game.

Instead, let go of the fight. Accept it for what it is. Allow the darkness or negativity to exist. Choose a world where it is okay to be surrounded by darkness. Yet it doesn’t diminish your own Light. Focus on your own brightness. Then it doesn’t matter how much darkness is around you. It does not limit your visibility, safety, security or peace of mind.

Wherever you cast your Light, your way is clear. Let Light pierce the darkness. When your Light is bright, other Beings of Light will find you. You may find that there is Light all around you. Although darkness still exists, it simply doesn’t affect you. It is fine where it’s at. It has no impact because Light illuminates darkness.

But what does this mean in practical terms? What about the toxic job environment? How about the vindictive ex? How about the jealous friend who spreads gossip about you? What the hell does it mean to “shine your Light”?

It is a shift in perspective. It is you putting your energy into you, instead of giving it to them.

Maybe in the work environment, you look for what is good or right about the situation. Perhaps it is a convenient location and the pay is good. When others around you start to bemoan the boss, you smile. Then you say that “For right now this is working for me.” That you are “happy for how it fits in your life”. Imagine how that conversation begins to change.

How about the ex who always makes things difficult for you. Who always tries to stir things up? What if you didn’t let him push your buttons? Instead maintain a neutral or emotionless perspective. The next time she challenges you say something like “It sounds like this is difficult for you.” Without engaging or giving them your own energy. A simple acknowledgement of what you are observing. Without taking their bait…, without you offering to solve it for them.

And for the non-friend in friend clothing, stop engaging. We all go through shifts and changes in our lives. Sometimes our growth or direction is not as aligned with someone as it use to be. It can be hard to see an old friendship dissolve. But setting healthy boundaries for yourself and staying true to your own Light is a good start. Be at choice about releasing relationships that no longer work. Once you start you may realize they have been a drain on your energy for awhile.

I realize these are very simplistic situations and solutions I have described. Yet, if you are feeling consumed by darkness, don’t fight against it… Instead bring your focus back to you. Look at how you could focus your energy and effort on becoming the brightest version of you! You are Light.

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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