Young People are Awakening

Recently I’ve had an opportunity to work with an 11 year old girl at the request of her mother. Her mother gifted her a session with me for her birthday at her daughter’s request. I was surprised and honored. I really didn’t know what to expect when we met. I asked if she wanted her mother to join us and her mom left the choice up to her. She asked her mom to stay. The session was beautiful and both mom and daughter seemed to get a lot out of it. Questions were asked and answers shared. I was impressed that this young girl had a clear vision of what she wanted to do with her life as well. I recorded the session and sent the recording to her mom for their reference. Opportunities for conversation between the two of them opened in different ways.

Why am I bringing this up now? It was a beautiful reminder of how open many of our young people are today. They are having experiences that are different from most of their friends. They have questions and yet don’t know how to talk about their experiences with their friends or teachers. In some cases there is fear because they feel different. They know things but don’t have a language to talk about them. Sometimes their thought processes are so fast they get bored easily in school and their grades begin to slip. They feel different and often isolated. Fortunately, in the case of my client, her mom was very “tuned in” and supportive.

I was asked if I offered programs for this age group. “Not right now”, I said. I asked them what they were interested in and whether they wanted something with or without a parent. They seemed pretty open so their request has been percolating within me for a bit. However, it brought back some of my past experiences in working with young boys and girls from ages 10 – 15 years. I facilitated and participated in age appropriate programs that included creative physical exercise, breathing, meditation, feeling subtle energy, relaxation, exploring beyond the 5 senses, and sharing. The response from the young people and changes that they experienced, including improved self-confidence warmed my heart.

I remember one 10 year old boy in a weekly class who decided to put his fears of math in an energy ball sending them away. He found that math was no longer so scary! Another 10 year old boy was so angry when he joined a two week summer program. After breathing and meditation time all he drew were pictures of war and battles. He held himself apart from the group. After a couple of weeks of him being there, accepting him, loving and supporting him he volunteered to be the leader of a group for a celebration program for the parents. It was so heartwarming to see the shift within him, his improved self-confidence, and willingness to be a leader. He was a different kid!

In talking to some of my colleagues they are also being asked to work with young people in this same age group. Young people are awakening more consciously and seem to have fewer filters and old beliefs than their adult counterparts. Many are searching and yearning for something more and don’t know what it is or how to express it. They are sensitive to their surroundings and others. I find these young people curious and open to new experiences once they trust who they’re with and what’s happening. Being fluid and flexible has been a great learning experience for me. Accepting these kids where they are and remaining open to explore their questions either privately or in a group is key.

Do you or others you know have experience with these sensitive young people? Would you find programs for these kids beneficial? I’m open to your suggestions and would love to hear your experiences.

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  1. Such an important topic Victoria! We see and experience young people all the time who are open and aware in ways that we could not imagine during our childhoods.., and they offer hope and a brighter light at the end of the tunnel. Luckily many of their parents are helping them find their personal expression early, versus lovingly (or not) trying to get them to conform and fit in at he expense of their uniqueness. Thanks for putting it in writing! Love you – Charles

    • Thanks for your comments Charles. I agree that these young people are such bright lights that offer so much hope! Supporting and accepting them is key so they don’t get discouraged. It warms my heart when I meet parents who are supportive even though they acknowledge they don’t have all of the answers. Their love and desire to do the best for their child is evident. It’s a fine balance to help these kids navigate the traditional ways of education and society without losing their uniqueness. I love you too! Victoria

  2. It’s amazing that adults are just now realizing how spiritually inclined their children are. They have done so much to discourage their child not to be so. When the child was small and talking to their “invisible friends,” adults told them they didn’t exist. When the child had a dream that someone was standing at the foot of their bed, parents told them “you were just having a nightmare.” Although this was wrong, parents didn’t know anything different than what they were taught by their parents.

    A baby (a “new person”) is never more spiritually-connected than when they first arrive into this world. They have just left the spirit family they were part of, volunteering to take on an earthly existence. Because of the amnesia forced upon them when they enter this world, they spend their entire lifetime trying to reconnect to the guidance and wisdom of the family who followed them here to protect and guide them. This is why when someone gets to be 40, 50, 60 years old or more, they start wondering, “Who am I really?…and “What is my purpose here?”

    As the child seeks acceptance from parents, family, schoolmates, and society in this world, they become more distant from the world they came from. It’s very difficult to balance the two worlds with all the distractions and pressures to conform to the illusion of a materialistic life where you are taught that you always need something else before you can be happy. A child is taught what they can and can’t say, do, and believe along with what they must have to “fit in” and “get ahead.”

    So as a parent, before you tell your child they don’t have “invisible friends,” remember the time that you did have them and knew they were real. It’s not your child’s fault that you lost the connection to the guidance from your spiritual family. Nobody in this world is ever alone…you are always being guided by those who protect you and love you unconditionally. Even if you forgot they were there.

    • Hi Linda, Thank you for your beautiful sharing. Today’s children have fewer filters and have a sense of purpose at an early age. In many cases there is an impatience while they wait for their human bodies to catch up so to speak. Like you, I believe we all volunteered to be here and chose our human families. Although many have forgotten who they truly are the new kids don’t. It’s exciting times and new challenges for parents and children. Remembering, as adults, the imaginary friends that journeyed with us as children may help as you suggested. A big part of our journey is remembering!

      Another thing that is often forgotten is that we are spiritual beings already. We came to express our divine nature as human beings. We aren’t separate! Young people know this deep down even without the words to express it. Your spiritual family has a way of re-connecting with you whether you are aware of them or not. This is true for young people too!


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