Today is my first day at Spirit Sky… A solo retreat for 6 days.  The cabin is located in Pine AZ… About 20 miles beyond Payson.  I have never been in this area before.  It is quite beautiful.  It is a much higher elevation than Phoenix (approximately 5500ft), which means it is cooler here.  Today when I left Phoenix at about 11:30am, it was already about 90 degrees.  The temperature when I arrived here at the cabin, was about 74.

It is not what I expected, and it is still perfect.  Somehow I had imagined being in a location where no one was around for miles… Isolated on a hilltop.  The truth is… It is 4 acres on a hilltop that has a home being built about 50 yards away, and one roofline just over the crest of the hill… And a cabin/home that is not quite visible below.

I think I imagined in my mind that the isolation would intensify the experience.  It would offer a level of freedom that would allow me to tap into some primitive or untapped energies.  A vision quest of sort… Out on the land, surviving in the elements and by my resourcefulness.  AND… the truth is, that is not what I am doing.  I am spending a week, in a comfortable cabin, with amazing views, surrounded by nature (I saw my first deer coming up the drive… And my first elk shortly after dinner, right out side the cabin!)

I come with very little.  I kept trying to sneak in projects… And you have no idea how much I wanted to bring Dan Brown’s new book “Inferno” with me!  However… That is not why I am here.  I am here to spend time with myself.  To quiet the mind.  See what wants to be revealed at this particular juncture in my life. I work for a Top Roofing Repair in Winston-Salem from Southland Roof and it was with great difficulty I could buy some time, so wanted to make it worth.

I keep trying to make up what this is all about for me.  Learning to live in the moment, setting down struggle, figuring out what is next for me.., as the owner of a business or the individual work I do… If anything.  Writing, crystals, teaching, speaking… I suppose they are all options.  And maybe after my time here, I will know which ones speaks to me.

There is also an awareness that is circling around me, and has been for awhile.  Choosing to be healthy.  Choosing what works for me and what doesn’t.  I am not sure if this means I am letting go of old ways of being and doing – or simply changing to new ones.  Maybe with this time I will be able to see clearly what is truly next for me!