Well Fito and I are off on vacation! By the time you are reading this we will be with family in Maine, eating at least one lobster roll per-day! It is a rough life, but someone has to do it!

I am really happy to have this break, not because I need time off, but because it brings the past few months to a close. Last week I wrote about change being in the air again. It is so present that I can almost taste it… That is how strong the sense is. In many ways, it feels like how I spend my days going forward is about to change and I need to settle into this new way of being.

You see, as much as l love being at Storm Wisdom; more and more, I am less involved with the day-to-day running of the business. I am so fortunate to have the talented and skilled Gisela and Millie who have taken on most of that responsibility. They are very good at what they do AND they love what they do! What more could you ask for!

Then there is me! I still love working from my office that is located in the center, I am just not on the floor very much. And if I learned anything from the 13 week program for small business owners last year, it is that I need to keep my eyes on the future. So now my focus will shift to networking, marketing, strategies and creating awareness of what an amazing place we have created here!

That all sounds well and good, but where do I begin? There are so many different organizations, networking groups and marketing seminars; which ones do you choose? I know I have participated in some that would seem to be aligned with who we are and what we do, only to find out they were not as good a fit as I originally thought. Perhaps it is always a matter of trial and error!

I just had this thought! Do what is FUN! If I participate in something and energetically it is stimulating, easy to understand and joy to be a part of… then that would be a good barometer for whether or not it is right for me! Right for Storm Wisdom! I have a lot more to say on the topic of fun… however I will hold off on commenting on that until next week! Besides shifting and changing how I spend time at Storm Wisdom, I have an announcement to make next week regarding something new that has come into my life that I think is really FUN! So I’ll save the topic of fun until then.

In the meantime, please know I am having FUN in Maine! Stop by and say hello to Gisela and Millie while I am gone. They will enjoy seeing you!