I dream of the day when we have integrated all that is possible from the energetic shifts of our time. I believe in the beauty and possibility of mankind to find peace through connection and sharing; versus holding ourselves separate and feeling the need to protect what we have as if those things define us.

I know it is possible to shift our relationship with the land, water, air, plants, and animals so that we are once again connected and living in a symbiotic and sustainable way. I trust that we have the skills, talent and natural abilities to allow each other to be unique and authentic in our own way and that through this celebration of our diverse nature, we feel our connection to one another and to All-That-Is.

Yet, I just can’t imagine what it will look like.., and as a result, I am unsure how we will get there!

It seems to me, that the shift I am talking about would have to be so dramatic that EVERYTHING would have to change. So much so, that a complete collapse of the house-of-cards we are currently creating would be required. “Complete collapse” sounds scary! And so it is easier to keep contributing to the status quo, because the alternatives seem so distant and fantasy like.

We would have to treat each other with respect. We would need to honor the planet and all her creatures. It would mean setting down our egos and aggression. Greed and fear could not be the driving force and the desire for power over others and the hoarding and exploitation of resources would have to diminish. All of this means major change.., and this is without even addressing the role of government and corporations and how distorted and dysfunctional they have become.

So, if I can’t imagine what it will look like.., how do I become part of the shift and stop perpetuating the current dynamics?

The answer is simple. Act as if! Treat others with respect. Honor the planet and her inhabitants. Consider each action and it’s long term implications to the air, water, and soil. Examine where fear or scarcity is a driving factor; and look for new motivation. Pay attention to where I am trying to dominate another.., and change the behavior. Become aware of the situations where someone else is trying to dominate me. End those situations and/or relationships. Embrace the responsibility to care for self and other.

Act as if we contribute to and become a part of this shift by caring for ourselves and for the world around us. We make a difference by being in healthy relationship with our world, without buying into negativity and holding ourselves separate. Let’s stop competing ‘against’ and begin to compete ‘with’.

We begin to create change when we stop taking sides. Duality is so pervasive that it insists on creating opposing views. Right and wrong, good and bad, left or right, black or white… When in reality these are not opposites, they are part of the same continuum. Instead of rushing to take one side or the other.., what happens when we see each situation as being whole with multiple right solutions; where we get to have our preferences and others get to have theirs too. Where divergent perspectives co-exist. Act as if.

It seems to me that many of us are in a deep state of contemplation. We feel the need for dramatic changes. We know we have a role to play. We sense that we are nearing a tipping point where the behaviors that have created economic, racial, cultural, religious, and ethnic silos is faltering and is no longer sustainable. A new era is being ushered in through natural evolutionary processes. We are expanding the awareness of our own potential. It is now time to act as if it is already here! Only then will we begin to get a glimpse of what this new-era will actually look like and more clues on how to get there!

Remember, Act as if…

With Light, Love, and Laughter