I’m back from my solo retreat in Pine, AZ! It was perfect, and completely different than what I was expecting!

I realize in looking back or in hindsight, that I have a tendency to make these events into a destination. This is instead or recognizing that they are actually a part of the journey! I imagined that when I “checked-out” of my life for a week…, that I would come back a changed man.

The truth is that is too much pressure to put on to any event, person or situation.

While I was there, life slowed down. Nature has a way of showing us how crazy we make everything. Rushing from appointment to task, to activity and beyond. Most of us live crazy, hectic lives! I know I do!

Each day new things were revealed. Perhaps the truth is that many of the things being revealed, weren’t new… They were things that were already part of my awareness, yet I had not taken the time to connect with them. To process them.

Each day felt unique unto itself. What was present and occupying my thoughts one day, were gone the next. Many times what was revealed, created a review of areas or aspects of my life. I saw things that I wanted to change, things I wanted to release and others that I wanted to step into more fully.

I found that I like myself and who I am! I also saw a few things that I would like to change. I recognized that there are ways that I am not very loving to myself. I also found a deep appreciation for my life… Just as it is!

All of this means… There was/is no need for the dramatic shift or change that I thought I was hoping for. Instead, I found a profound sense of gratitude for what I already have. The things that before I left felt overwhelming… Now feel like opportunities, that as they feel right and fun, I get to pursue!

I am reminded that no matter how much we love our lives (or not!)… Sometimes we need to get some distance or time away, to appreciate what we have. We also need to give ourselves credit for all the things we are doing well! Focusing on the parts of our lives that we see as problems, only highlights and create more of them! Instead, let’s direct our energies and intentions toward the good stuff!

I spent a good deal of time in meditation. Even more watching the elk, squirrels, and lizards grazing and exploring the day! I wrote, video-recorded, hiked, napped and relaxed! It was an amazing adventure!

I did some writing while I was there… If you are interested, you can read it on my blog and see photos here! There are more photos on facebook also, you can find them here!

And finally… A huge THANKS to Bodhi Heart, a gentle spirit, who has created the space for people to connect with themselves through precious retreat space. Check out www.SpiritSkiesRetreat.com and www.SpiritFallsRetreat.com!