AlmostAPotentTeacher_ImageLast night, Fito and I had dinner with another couple at their home.  And almost immediately, we were talking about our plans for retirement.  At one point I told one of our hosts that lately it seems like all of the conversations I am having, have to do with retirement or health!  An obvious indicator that I am getting older!

Sometimes I wonder how this could have happened so fast!  It seems like just yesterday I was immortal!  Or at least I walked around feeling as if this life would never end.  And of course to top it all off, there is this whole twisted concept of life experience.  You know.., “I wish I knew then, what I know now!”

It seems as if Life is playing tricks on me!

And yet there is beauty to this aging process.  It feels like I am just beginning to get a sense of it. Maybe it is how the drive or demand for things to look and feel a certain way begins to diminish.  The willingness to accept things as they are versus how we think they should be.  It is as if we begin to see how life responds to and for us, based on our thoughts and feelings.

When I was younger the world revolved around me, because my ego demanded it.  Every situation, challenge or reward was assessed based on whether or not it was aligned with, supported or screwed with my personal plans!  My reaction or response was based on how attached I was to either getting or losing that ‘thing’.  And of course, it felt like I was responding to the world.

Fast forward and these days it feels like the world is responding to me.  It responds to where I place my focus and energies.  So these days, it feels like the world DOES revolve around me.  The difference is now I believe we create the circumstances and situations of our life by where we direct our energies.  Not from ego, but from a place of authority and responsibility.  We author the stories of our life and we decide the outcome.

It is never about ‘the thing’!  Often we get focused on what we want; a new job, relationship, home, health, whatever.  If the thing(s) we imagined doesn’t work out, and we get disappointed, upset or even angry.., we are missing the point.  It was never about ‘the thing’.  It is about our experience of dreaming, pursuing and sometimes almost creating ‘the thing’.  It is the journey that matters, not where or what we end up with!

Not actualizing something that we dream of, imagine or visualize; does not mean we failed.  It means that there is something else for us in the experience of the attempt.  ‘Almost’ can be a potent teacher. There is no failure when you know that you are creating the world around you.  When you are the author, director and star of your own production; you know that all of these plot twists and changes are leading you to the next amazing scene you are developing.  And oftentimes, what ‘almost’ happened is an important piece or the perfect set up for the next adventure.  Let’s face it; it has to!  It’s your creation!

With Light, Love, and Laughter