The Full Scoop: For many of us, Amethyst is one of the first crystals we are drawn to. Perhaps it is because of the beautiful color of the stone, which can ranges from a very pale lavender to a deep, dark purple. We are drawn to it by its beauty.  We stay attached to it for its comfort.

Violet is the color that is associated with the Crown Energy Center, which is located at the top of the head.  It is your connection to God/Goddess/Universe/Spirit /Higher Power, or any other way you describe your connection to the Divine.  Any stone that has a lot of lavender, violet or purple color will  probably relate to the Crown Energy Center.

The unique thing about Amethyst and the Crown Energy Center, is that they can help you STAY connected to your Higher    Guidance. Regardless of how you choose to connect, be it prayer, meditation, walking in nature, focused breath-work, yoga, or any number of ways, Amethyst can assist you.  There are many ways to bring your attention and focus into the    moment. When we connect with the present moment we have taken the focus out of the mind and into the heart  center of the body.  It is when we reach this heart-centered connection that we can truly hear our own Highest Guidance.  Our intuition, instincts and knowing come from this space, not our mind!

We live in a time where the future and the past have distorted importance in our lives.  We no longer use the past as a     backdrop to hold the record and image of our journey.  Instead, we use it as an interactive measuring device or indicator of what will happen next.

We also spend a lot of time and energy in the future.  For many of us it has become “where we live”; it seduces us into thinking about the “next”.  (pick your passion: promotion, relationship, drink, vacation, et cetera)  We have become so future-oriented that if you don’t have a plan or you are not working on achieving your next goal, then something is wrong with you. Fear is another way that the future can hold us hostage. If we are focused on what will or will not happen down the road, we are usually not paying attention to what is going on in the present.

Amethyst alone is not what takes us to or creates the deeper   connection with our Higher Guidance. However, it is a powerful partner for keeping us there.

Amethyst is also known for helping to break patterns, habits and addictions.  It is through the process of connecting with our Higher Guidance that we begin to see our beliefs and judgments of ourselves and others.  We begin to see and understand the choices we are making and the consequences of those choices. It helps us look at our situations through the eyes of the       Observer or from the 10,000-foot perspective.  From this     vantage point we can see what leads us to where we are and where those choices are taking us.  It helps us see that we can make different choices.

Amethyst allows us to see the difference between being content and over-indulgence.

Another quality of Amethyst is purification of your energy fields. It emits light waves that can help remove negative particles from any energy field.  This is an ideal place to address negativity, as the mental and emotional bodies are less dense than the physical body.  If they are not cleared, over time negative     energies become denser and can create dis-ease in the body, which can be harder to clear.

With this purification energy in mind, for those who wear or carry Amethyst, it can work as a shield of protection against these negative energies within or around your energy field.

Properties: Transformation, Higher Guidance, Protection