Earlier this week, I was working with a crystal (Picasso Jasper), in preparation for a workshop. The properties of this particular crystal were stimulating creativity, dissolving blockages to our creativity, and helping to move beyond excuses! What has really stuck in my mind was the awareness… That we only create blockages for the things we really care about or that “matter” to us!

Isn’t that profound? On one level I know this so well. On another, it makes it so clear that each day the things we spend our time and energy on, are the things that we manifest!

You see we all have ideas, dreams, desires, hopes, visions, images, and thoughts for our possible futures. However it is the ones we continually revisit or where we invest our thoughts and emotions, that we are creating. If you have a thought.., (You see a cute puppy, and you think… Wouldn’t it be fun to be surrounded by puppies all the time!?!) and then the thought is gone. You may have planted a seed, however that does not mean anything will ever grow from this. However, if you have such a strong connection to animals and can’t see or imagine yourself doing anything other than caring for and being surrounded by them… That is a different scenario altogether!

Then you begin to see animal related opportunities all around you. Your behavior around them has other people take notice. Caring for and interacting with them becomes a part of your conversations. Others who are drawn to animals take notice and start to share their own stories and connections with people and organizations that are caring for and loving animals. You begin to see possibilities! You are tapped into the field of thoughts and emotions and you experience the energies that are expansive and creative (such as hope, excitement, and longing)

When what you have been desiring, imagining and creating starts to take shape, the rest of this field of thoughts and emotions also begin to be revealed. Emotions that are more neutral that help maintain the status quo… (such as contentment, satisfaction, and boredom) begin to appear. Eventually the emotions that are limiting and constricting (such as fear, worry, impatience and anger), also begin to appear! These are triggered by the people or events that we see as obstacles or barriers to reaching our goals or realizing our dreams.

Yet, if there was no passion or desire being fed into your dreams… there would be little motivation for visiting this side of the emotional field. We tap into the full field of emotions when we are making someone or something real! When we are making them matter. When we are bringing something into physical form.

And yes.., these people or events seem to add complication, complexity and challenge to what we are creating. However, how we respond to them determines whether or not our dreams are realized, stalled or abandoned. If we only see these obstacles as impenetrable or absolute… They are! We start to change our conversations. Our actions are modified. Our view to this possible future, is obscured by a wall of resistance and fear.

We are the ones constructing this wall. We are reinforcing the barrier.

We move beyond this wall, only by acknowledging the perceived blockages… And what the blocks are here to show us. Sometimes they are old or outdated beliefs we tell ourselves, that need to be released~because they are incompatible with what we are creating. Sometimes they are sign-posts that point to an alternative route to the same destination. And sometimes, they simply stimulate our resourcefulness and determination. In any case… Looking at our blocks is an opportunity to grow! (Or Not!)

What blockages are you facing…and what do they want to reveal to you?