My, oh my! The times they are a changing.., again! Can you feel it in the air? I know I do!

Right now it feels as if it has to do with my business turning 5 years old. An important milestone, that I wasn’t anticipating the impact of. But each of us has our own unique journey and the milestones that have us look toward the future and know that somehow our lives will be different.

I have a sense of anticipation. A new awareness of the patience to allow the shift to unfold rather than to have to influence and control it. Isn’t that a major shift all by itself; the willingness to set down control. There are new things emerging; old ones slipping away. There is an ease and flow that feels accessible. Not something to work towards or try to imagine. Maybe all of those intentions, practices, prayers and meditations have done their work. How fun to be aware that something you have been trying to create is already here. Can you feel it in the air?

No surprise that as I write this there is a beautiful breeze blowing outside. The doors are open and the house is full with the sounds of the wind chimes singing their song! A confirmation of our ever shifting and moving lives. We are not stagnant, we are constantly in a state of growth, even those of us whose physical bodies are naturally in decline. We are becoming more of ourselves with each passing moment.

Sometimes it is hard to stop telling old stories. They feel comforting; we know them so well. It makes me think of a wall plaque we have at the store that says “You can’t write the next chapter of your life if you keep rereading the last one”. Isn’t it true!?! And sometimes, like now, energetically it is easier to let go of old patterns, stories, habits or anything that is weighing us down. That is how this time feels!

Can you feel it in the air?

I am aware that some of this state of peacefulness, laced with anticipation, is the aftermath of a celebration. The time and energy that goes into the imagining, buildup and experience of sharing a potent moment with others. I think of Gisela and her daughter Andrea who are in the throws of planning and finalizing a wedding for later this month. Or Stephanie and David who are watching and encouraging their daughter Haley as she makes plans for college, likely away from home. I imagine that they too feel the shifts that is in the air! I can also imagine that it is in the aftermath of these events that the realty of their long term impact begins to set in.

Can you feel it in the air!