I really shouldn’t feel like I needed this vacation so much; especially considering how much spaciousness there is in my schedule these days.  But I did!  It was great to get away… And especially to go back to see family and friends in Maine.

I left there when I was 19.  So a lot has changed.  More so for me than Maine.  Oftentimes when I visit there it feels a bit like a time warp, or time has stood still.  The only difference is that we all keep getting older.  The older ones mellowing out.  The younger ones finding their way through rebel-hood!

I am on a plane home now… trying to recall what might be waiting for me when I return.  Projects, plans, chores and to-dos.  Of course this weekly newsletter is the first on the list.  So, with an hour on the runway, while they change a tire on the nose of the plane; I get to do this a day ahead of schedule, and open up my first morning at home for playing the rest of the catch up game.

Last week, I mentioned that I had an announcement and that it had to do with having Fun!  This past week has been fun.  However the kind of fun I am talking about has more to do with my own personal evolution and journey.  You know, the kind of fun that catches you by surprise, when you think you’ve seen it all. And for me, this is a doozie!

I recently became a Vocal Channel!

For many who read this, you will know exactly what I mean by channeling.  For those who don’t the dictionary says: The practice of professedly entering a meditative or trancelike state in order to convey messages from a spiritual guide. (Note the skepticism!)

I really shouldn’t be surprised that I am now channeling, as I think we all do.  You know, when you are having a conversation or are in deep contemplation and suddenly a whole new series of thoughts takes over and must be expressed or explored.  I suppose the difference is that during those times we are not in a trance state… and in truth we don’t give over control of our vocal chords for a spiritual guide to use.

I also shouldn’t be surprised because I took a 2 part series in March and April called “The Artistry of Channeling”, with a woman who’s has been channeling for almost 30 years (Annie Bossingham).  The interesting thing is that I knew I was suppose to take the class.  I just never thought I would (or would want to!) channel!  I didn’t know why it felt so compelling; I just trusted my intuition.  I suppose before I went, I imagined it would assist me with writing.  

However… What I experienced when I finally opened and began to channel was pure JOY!  It was completely different than what I expected in so many ways.  And, I also had no doubt about what was happening, once it began.  I knew once I had this experience it was something that I would continue to want to do… As long as it remains fun!

Now the question is; where does this lead?  And the answer is: I HAVE NO IDEA!

However, there is one thing I know.  Right now, it is so much fun, I have created a website to capture my experiences with this new adventure!  It is called: www.ChannelingBOB.com

If you are interested in checking out my latest journey… You can find the story of “Learning to Channel BOB”.  You will see that in many ways this started for me 10 years ago.  You can also see some of what I am learning about this process, by reading the posts under “Insights from Channeling”.  And finally… When and if it feels appropriate I will post recordings and transcripts from sessions with BOB.  So far there are just a couple… Including the first time BOB came through.

All of this can be found on the website… And in the meantime, just know I am having lots of fun Channeling BOB!

With Light, Love, and Laughter