Chaos always precedes change. It is natural, it is inevitable.

As we move through change, we have to let go of something familiar and begin integrating or assimilating something new. It is during this transition that chaos is most intense. For many of us, we are resisting the release of what was known and comfortable or we are rushing to get to the new finish-line; in the hope of finding a new point of balance and creating a new ‘status quo’. That sense of what was normal before we were surrounded by chaos!

What happens when the amount of change in our lives becomes rapid and unavoidable? Many of us end up feeling like our life is in a constant state of turmoil! It is challenging to feel settled. Oftentimes we are waiting for the next disruption, simply because we have become accustom to the constant pace of change. Chaos becomes a personal challenge. We are frequently mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted from being in the constant motion and movement of change.

This is especially true for those who are becoming more self-aware. For those who are evaluating what works and doesn’t work in their life. Perhaps there is a realization that old behaviors, patterns or habits are preventing them from reaching a goal, creating a relationship, feeling healthy or generally creating discomfort for them. Sometimes it is exposure to a concept, idea or belief that has them contemplating what is true for them in their current situation. Or finally deciding to live their dreams based on what motivates and inspires them, versus always choosing something that will make someone else, (society, family members, church/social group or a boss/co-worker) happy. This type of self-evaluation and reflection can be major catalysts for initiating change.

For today, embrace the chaos. Instead of trying to figure it out or rush through it, just allow it to be. Allow yourself to sit calmly in the middle of it; without having to know where it will lead or when it will end. For today, understand that chaos is natural. It is not the bad-guy; it is simply part of you becoming more of who you are. For today, don’t fight or resist the chaos. Simply breathe and allow yourself and the chaos to BE.

Today, I am sitting in the chaos… and it’s perfect!