Ever since I opened Storm Wisdom, one of our visions and values has been collaboration and cooperation with other heart-centered businesses and practitioners. For us this means that we avoid the energies of competition and isolation, especially when it is based on fear, scarcity or lack.

Early on, when a client or friend would mention another business or practice that offered similar products or services, I would go to these locations and introduce myself. I would see what they carried or what they offered. I would ask them what they wanted to be known for… their specialty so to speak.

This way, when a client walks in (or calls for that matter) and we don’t have what they are looking for, we can refer them to someone who does. We have a resource book that we use and frequently share addresses and phone numbers for other local businesses or practitioners. We even keep other business’s cards on hand so that they can be shared with someone in need.

For us, this makes good business sense. And, if Spiritually based businesses don’t model this way of operating.., who will?

So what happens when this vision or value is not shared, even with those who are a regular part of your referral base?

I can tell you for me it hurts, I get disappointed and maybe a little angry. Then my wounded ego begins to distort what is happening and I move into being entitled, martyred and a little victim-y. Then I have to catch myself and bring my thoughts and focus back to what we are trying to create. If our goal is to create a center for ‘Intentional Living’, then we must focus on what we want, not what we don’t want.

I must admit, sometimes when I am in this distorted place; it feels like it would be easier to abandon this vision and value, and just take the same position of ‘Every man for himself’! Or who cares about another business…? Isn’t it our success that we need to focus on? The answer is No!

We are in this together. It is actually NOT about these spiritual businesses and practices. It is about the people who are looking for the right product or service that assists them where they are. Not where we want them to be. If what we offer is different than what they are looking for, then – send them where they can get what they want! If we don’t carry something they need – refer them to someone who does.

We make many referrals in a weeks time. We do it to support the other business; but mainly, we do it because it is right for the client.

So what is the lesson in this for me? Why would I encounter situations where we try to create open collaboration and communication only to be met with silence or resistance? Why is this important right now? The answer for me: frequency.

Not frequency as in the number of occurrences… But as in the vibrational frequency. We are not all vibrating at the same frequency or energetic signature. So, for as many of these people who I imagine I am aligned with, the truth is, I’m not. Just as important, they are not aligned with me and/or perhaps even Storm Wisdom.

We all have a range of frequency that we operate in… And of course sometimes we spike up or below this normal range. But what happens when the situations and circumstances of our lives change enough so that it changes our ‘range’? When this happens, we no longer register with one another! We have memories of when our frequency ranges were aligned; but the connection or strength of the energetic exchange is no longer there.

As individuals, we experience this all the time with the relationships in our lives. The ebb and flow of friendships. Some are strong and seem to last indefinitely. While others wax and wane. It is not good or bad. It just is.

It is our egos that want to make something out of these situations. Our egos jump to judgment or stimulates an emotional response that it thinks will protect and serve us. These of course isolate us and create a sense of separation from all that is around us. Believing the ego (especially the Negative Ego) is what gets us in trouble! Hang in there too long, and your frequency starts to shift!

This week has been a great reminder that as disappointing as this situation feels at time… Turning it over to my ego is never in my best interest! I think I will hold on to my own values and vision; and not make that a requirement for anyone else!

With Light, Love, and Laughter