There is nothing like a new year to get me thinking about making changes and shifts in my life. It is a momentous occasion. One that is recognized around the world as a time of transformation; even if for some it is just a numerical shift.

These days, we seem to be going through so many shifts and changes all the time. I even wrote in an earlier post about how changes that use to take months are taking days, etc. It makes you wonder, if we are going through constant shifts and changes all the time, is the transition to a new year still a big deal?

As I contemplate this, there are two things that standout. First, this is the one time each year when so many people around the world are focused on creating change. And second, Imagine with all those intentions being set, how much extra support our own intentions have during the crossing of the threshold into the new year! Powerful stuff!

So what are the changes you are intending for yourself in the new year? What are you creating, releasing, setting down or moving? Are any of these new? How many are repeats? How many of the changes you want to make are things you’ve tried before, yet somehow they have not quite come to fruition? I only ask because personally.., I have a stack of those!! 🙂

I bring up this stack of old resolutions that are still hanging around and unfulfilled, because maybe there is a slightly new way to approach them. If you are anything like me, these have become burdens, or sore spots, or to big of a challenge, or have to much history! I have used my previous attempts at these various shifts, as a way to punish myself.

Failure, guilt, shame, blame, anger, disappointment, denial, oh the list could go on. But, you get my point. We intend to make a change and something happens. Something gets lost, forgotten or even just feels too hard to follow through on… And then the messages we begin to send to ourselves are judgmental, critical, and harsh. We beat ourselves up because we didn’t do, get or achieve our own personal goal or resolution.

This year, I think I will change that! You see, in the past I have held these shifts or changes as a pass or fail. When I passed, I moved on quickly to the next. When I failed, I started dismantling my self-esteem and/or confidence. The failure was the easy thing to focus on and of course, I let it mean something about me!

Instead of setting myself up for failure, I think this new year I will set myself up for ease and fun,

You see, looking at a change or transformation through the lens of “pass or fail” is part of the old worldview paradigm. Pass or fail is the epitome of duality! Right or wrong, good or bad, positive or negative… These are the ways duality decides which side of the coin we value! As if there are only two sides!

As we move into an age of unity and Oneness, perhaps it is time to use a continuum as a way to monitor and celebrate what we are creating in our lives! Are we moving toward our intention or away from it? If we are moving toward what are we want, keep going. If we are motionless, is that okay or which way do we want to move? If we are moving in the opposite direction of what we want to achieve, then reassess. If the original direction along the continuum is still calling to us.., make adjustments accordingly.
In any case, we must be aware of what we are choosing and allow it to be okay in that moment. Because every time we stack on a judgment or heavy emotion, like shame or guilt, we make the next move that much harder to take. These constricting emotions and judgments are heavy and we spend more time fighting them off, then we do trying to manifest our dreams.

You and I. We are the ones deciding who, what, when, where and how we want to spend our time and energy. There is no failure. We experience what we need to experience. We are dancing along the continuum of Unity! There is no pass or fail only life experience! Enjoy your New Year! I will meet you on the continuum!

With Light, Love, and Laughter