Something new is emerging. This chrysalis phase is getting closer to completion. I don’t have fully developed wings yet. However, I know that soon I will be able to fly!

I understand why Dr. Joyce Mills uses butterflies as a metaphor for her teachings and even her beautiful card deck ‘Butterfly Wisdom’. It is so fitting for these times of transformation that we all go through. Unlike caterpillars who go through this metamorphosis once, most humans go through this many times in a single life time. Each time the experience of finding new wings feels different than the last. Simply because we are not the same organism that went through the previous experience. We have evolved.

By no means am I imagining that this is the final metamorphism! In fact I am sure there are several more. And yet this one feels significant! This one for me, seems like it is happening at a time that will allow the sage within me to emerge.

This current transformation is aligned with the 6th Face of the Soul, called the ‘Double’, from the teaching of Lazaris (‘7 Faces of the Soul‘). And the timing of this latest transformation feels as if it is here to usher me into this new phase of life.

What I notice about this latest experience of transformation or change is that I have been aware that this is what has been going on! This does not mean it isn’t at times challenging. I have felt the familiar energies of impatience and anxiety. “How long will this last” and “What will it look, feel, or be like in the future”. Yet, when these come up and sometimes it even feels like I am in the grips of them; there has been an internal voice of knowing and reason that I am exactly where I am suppose to be. In previous blog posts, I have described it as being in a state of disorientation.

I now feel the opening of the cocoon. The breaking of the limits and confines of what has been holding me safe, while allowing me to absorb, integrate and allow what is new. While simultaneously dropping or letting go what is no longer needed as I move into this next phase of the journey!

I can’t see where this is leading. I am unsure where I will go when I eventually take flight. I am not even sure what will capture and hold my interest. Yet, it is clear now that anything I tried to make up about that before, would have had more to do with the past than it does with the future. The chrysalis demands that we be present. Otherwise, how does the old get broken down and liquified so that something new can emerge?

There is another important awareness that keeps coming up about this chrysalis. No one can help us with this process. It is internal, it is ours. If we ask someone to create an opening for us, our wings are exposed before they have the strength to carry us on our journey. Our growth becomes stunted. And although we can survive, it is much harder to thrive.

What we can do is be aware that as we are going through these times of transformation and metamorphosis.., many others are going through their own experience of this at the same time. And when we emerge and take flight, we are surrounded by others who are ready to explore and share a whole new world! One, that with these new wings, allows us to see the terrain of our lives with a whole new perspective and context.

I feel your presence and know that when it is time to take off, we will share the skies together. Trust me, I am on my way.., I’ll catch up to you soon!

With Light, Love, and Laughter