Doesn’t it feel as if life is more complex these days? At least compared to how it use to feel. I am not talking about our personal day-to-day activities or circumstances, but the global world we live in. Everywhere you look it seems we are at odds with one another.

Many groups of people feel as if they are under attack, and regardless of which side you take, someone feels threatened! If you support marriage equality you feel under attack by right-wing Christians; who feel like their beliefs are being threatened. If your position is gun-rights, you feel under attack by those who want legislation to restrict purchases. And those wanting the controls and limitations feel threatened and unsafe based on the incidents of gun violence around them.

There are hundreds of these scenarios. Pick a topic and you will find the for and against. Even something as simple as music. I was watching a video online the other day of a couple of guys singing a mash-up of two songs at the same time. I thought it was well done, so I shared it. Then I went to write a comment on their post saying “thanks”, only do discover a whole thread of comments expressing likes and dislikes. Awful things were said, and complete strangers, whose only connection was a song on the Internet were insulting and demeaning one another.

I have to admit I was a bit stunned. How is this something that we would trash or belittle? Why would we insult someone for singing a song?  Regardless of how well or how poorly it is done; it is someone sharing themselves with the world.

It is like me writing this weekly newsletter. I am not trying to convince anyone that they have to see the world the way I do. I am simply sharing. Sometimes it resonates with someone, sometimes it doesn’t! Some people stay connected. Others it’s not their cup of tea, so they sign-off or disconnect. I certainly don’t want to be put in a position to have to defend against attacks. I am simply sharing… Not right, not wrong. Not better, not worse.

I think about my personal beliefs about what is happening on our planet at this time. I truly believe we are at a pivotal time in the evolution of consciousness. Human beings are being asked to evolve and adopt new ways of Being that are harmonious and balanced with the rest of the planet. For me this means reconnecting to our sense of oneness with All-That-Is.

The opposite of oneness is duality. That rather than being able to look at a situation and see it as a whole or continuum, it is divided into opposing sides. Good or bad, right or wrong, up or down, positive or negative.

If we are to be successful in moving humanity to the next phase of existence, you can be sure we will encounter great resistance. Because it is in our nature to resist change. It is part of our DNA to try and hold on to what we know. To what is familiar. For the many who are open to and embracing an intention for “oneness” and a new way of Being; there are many more who are resisting and holding on dearly to what they have known and what they feel has worked for them. For both sides, because it feels so familiar, it can feel like us against them. “Us against them” is classic duality!

We won’t alter the resistance to change by applying more force or resistance. That simply locks us into a struggle. As we dig in our heels, so does everyone else. Instead, let go. Step out of the never ending battle of us against them. Never have Mahatma Ghandi’s words been more meaningful. “BE the change you want to see in the world”.

Never before have we been asked to find new ways of Being on a greater scale than we are being asked to right now. BE the change!

With Light, Love, and Laughter