On Tuesday I will be participating in Gail Larsen’s “Holy Fools” online launch (see additional information in the banner below). Which is about breaking free and following your inner guidance to become an agent of change. It warms my heart that Gail would include me in her band of amazing Holy Fools!

But, what is a Holy Fool? In a blog from last year, Gail wrote: “Comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell talked about the archetype of the Holy Fool. The Fool is the most dangerous person on earth, Campbell explained, the most threatening to all hierarchical institutions. He has no concern for naysayers, and no one has power over him (or her). She is not limited, not stoppable, nor controllable. She knows what she has to do and is doing it, no matter what.”

Wow. So then I wonder how energetically I fit into this archetypical model!?! And I realize… It is “following your inner guidance” that has me aligned with the Holy Fool. Not only that, but on a daily basis, I encounter others who are traveling a similar road.

I have conversations with clients, friends and family who describe this heart-felt knowing that something is shifting or changing in their lives. Perhaps they know they are being guided to leave a job and strike out on their own. Maybe they can see pieces and parts of their lives that they have to let go of, shed, or clear away. Some feel invited to BE; to lessen the doing.

The funny thing about this strong inner guidance is that it doesn’t come with a operators manual, guidebook or rules of the road. THOSE you must figure out on your own! And… Even when we feel clearly guided in a particular direction, it does not mean that “the going is easy”. You may encounter the same amount of fear, worry, thrill, wonder or doubt as you would if you were dutifully or obligingly attempting to control your way into your future!

So what is it that makes someone say, I am going to follow my inner guidance even when I can’t see the outcome? Is it the thrill of adventure? Perhaps the need for change? Are they always looking for a challenge? Or is it trust?

For me, this whole beautiful experience of playing the Holy Fool is about trust. Surrender to the perfection of the Universe. A deep trust and knowing that everything that happens is FOR me (not TO me), even when in the moment it is hard to connect with the beauty of a situation.

There is also a huge level of humility that comes with following your inner guidance and being unstoppable or uncontrollable by others… There are social norms, cultural rules, family patterns, industry experts and dozens of ways that we are externally influenced (everyday!). It takes humility to own that you are choosing a course less traveled, with only an idea or hint of where it will lead you! Humility to say “I don’t know”.

Yet, when you are willing to do this… The potential for reward is magnified beyond belief. Yes, material rewards… but more importantly, the personal growth and awareness is immeasurable!

I realize as I bring this musing to an end that this is an ideal time to be reflecting on this! You see, we are getting ready to celebrate Storm Wisdom’s 5th Anniversary! Isn’t that amazing!?! It seems so obvious now, that we were destined to become the business we are. However, that was not always the case. At one time it was simply inner-guidance pointing in a new direction and a Holy Fool saying YES!

Where is your inner-guidance pointing you, Holy Fool?

With Light, Love, and Laughter