Can we talk about banking and money!?! It’s always a good place to start, because.., of all the illusions that we have co-created on this planet… Money is the biggest and most complex! We have made this particular illusion so pervasive… That we forget that it isn’t even real! It doesn’t exist, it’s all made up! And we give more money to the people who we’ve put in charge of “making it seem real”, than we do most other kinds of real business. Banks and Financial Institutions make a lot of money by keeping track of who, how and where people are maintaining their illusion! They are “illusion-managers!

I have had the same illusion-mangers for MANY years… It’s been so long that I never even thought of using a different one when I opened my business! My illusion-manager has been good at helping me understand where my illusion is most of the time! At least until recently! Then a couple of things happened in a row… And all of a sudden I thought… Maybe my illusion-manger is not as good as they use to be. Maybe a different illusion-manager would be better!

We all know how much time and effort it takes to move your illusion from one place to another! We have set up automated tricks that happen, without even having to think about them any more! People we send illusions too… companies that send illusions to us! We even carry illusion cards in our wallets that allow us to get, give and move illusions around without ever talking to anyone! They make us feel like we are in charge of our own illusions! This is all…, well, Magical.

Long story short… I initiated a change of banks at the first of June… Opened all new accounts at a different bank and began the arduous process of moving from old to new. Except. There were too many things that were different. The systems and processes were so different that they did not line up with everything I’ve set up for my business! The whole thing failed miserably and I am now back with my original bank!

It was a lot of work. I screwed up multiple things. I made a ton of assumptions about how this would all work out that… were SO OFF, In the end, I have to wonder, WHY would I create this mess for myself? What is the learning that is offered here? Is this about fixing what you already have, instead of looking for a replacement? Why would I step into the ring with the illusion-managers.., just to get knocked around and dare I say – humbled?

Why do we create these situations in our lives? Situations where the problems we are trying to solve get compounded, instead of being resolved. What reflection of ourselves are we trying to see? Why now? It’s not like most of us do this all the time! This is the first time in 32 years I was going to try banking with a different bank. What did I need to see about myself? Is it about the illusion of money? My desire to control things? How about my concern of how others see or perceive me?

Maybe we can’t know the reason for the challenges we create in our lives, while we are in them. Perhaps we simply need to wait for the truth and lesson to be revealed. In the meantime, what I can tell you is this: all of this happened for a reason. Everything we do, every choice we make is part of who we are becoming! Even when we do something that seems as foolish as jumping in the ring with the Illusion Masters!