There is magic in the air in Phoenix! It is Fall, time for the harvest, time to reap the benefits of all we’ve sown. A time to reflect of our journey of growth and evolution. Time to open the doors and windows! There is magic in the air!

In Phoenix, I’m not so sure that gardening is the best metaphor for our summer experience! Let’s face it sometimes it is hotter than hell, and the last thing any of us are thinking of is being in dirt, pulling weeds and tending soil! However, there is a natural cycle of life that we all can relate to.

Each year we create the experiences that lead us to deeper levels of personal understanding and self-awareness. We prepare, nurture, coax, resist, insist and more. We envision the outcomes, imagine the rewards or perhaps, fear the results. Yet we are creating who we are becoming.

And that is the beauty of this time of year! Besides the incredible weather, it feels like there is an invitation in the air! An invitation to reflect on and embrace the growth we’ve had this past year. To reflect on the movement and growth. To celebrate the beauty and bounty of what we are creating. Time to shed the warm cocoon of summer and expand into the colorful days of autumn!

When I reflect on this past year, I realize that much of what has shifted for me is how I choose to react or respond to situations. Maybe that is what being 55 is all about for me. I can think of a number of situations that have come up that in the past would have bothered, hurt, offended, or maybe even haunted me. Yet, now they seem more like an interesting awareness. I am observing my non-reaction in the moment. I see what would have hooked me and choose something else.

There is another side too. I am also noticing things about myself and simply smiling at my own folly. The other day, one of my instructors asked to use something that I had prepared as part of their lecture. I was thrilled… And even told Fito and Gisela about how well I was doing.., since the instructor wanted to offer my work as an example. In class, when it was presented, I realized it was not what I thought! They had two examples… One that was done correctly and the other was mine!

I share this with you because, even in the moment, I was amused. I realized my ego took their request and created its own story. As I sat there chuckling at my obliviousness; I also realized there was no shame, anger or embarrassment from the situation. Trust me; for me this is a big deal! I have spent way to much time worrying about what other people think and trying to be perceived a particular way.

This innocent exchange and the awareness of it, is good news. It is just one example of the change and growth that is occurring in my life. And we need to stay conscious of these small movements too. Not just the big, bold-ass, and shocking changes and shifts we are going through. These small moments when we are aware that we are becoming more of who we want to be… And how good it feels to be in our own skin!

With Light, Love, and Laughter