Oh my goodness… What an interesting and introspective week! It has been all about “the reframe”!

You see, sometimes we (okay “I”) get caught up in the circumstances of our life. We start linking events, promises, people, situations, desires, challenges and all kinds of stuff together and we start sending messages to ourselves and building a story. Sometimes it is a great story and it is perfectly aligned with what we want to create in our life (at least for awhile). Other times… Not so much!

The problem is once we start telling ourselves these stories… They become real. We know they are real because we have already assembled all the evidence and proof! If you’re anything like me, then you also have this keen ability to associate this new story to old ones you have told in the past… And suddenly you not only have a current perspective.., you also have confirmed, you have a pattern!

Maybe these pattern are a good thing, when they have a positive impact. Something like… “Things always work out perfectly when I put my mind to it” or “Wow, it is easy for me to attract exactly what I need!”.

What happens when the message we are giving ourselves, doesn’t feel positive? “See… It is hard to stay focused, I never create what I want.” Or “this has always been a weak area for me, there is nothing I can do to change it,”. Or one of my favorites… “Everything I have done was wasted… I am back to square one!”.

When we are telling ourselves these stories, it can be challenging to shift or move out of them. They keep us occupied mentally, emotionally and even physically. And while we are occupied with them… They are our truth!

So how do we fix, shift, alter or end these limiting self-woven stories?

For me, this week was about connecting with people who could hear my stories without colluding with me. Sharing what was happening with someone, who could honor where I was at… but, who could also offer a different perspective. Could offer a different version of the same story.

First of all I want to say there were (and are) a number of people I could turn to for support. In this case I want to focus on one. I have worked with the same Astrologer for almost 25 years (Jolinda Marshall). This means that because of our history, she has insights about me and my journey that traverse many of the ups and downs of these stories I tell myself.

One of the tools she uses is Astrology, which can help explain the cycles and energetic flow of our day-to-day life. Our transits. She is masterful at Human Design as well… But that is another conversation! By using these transits and phases (my words not hers!), she was able to see what was going on with planets (Saturn and Uranus) that might be influencing my view of the world. However more importantly… She could hear my story of “woe is me”, and offer a reframe of what was going on.., or a different way to tell the same story! I could be in the struggle without being a victim to/of it! I could see that I wasn’t starting from scratch!

A great reminder that the people, circumstance or events don’t have to change… It is the details that are highlighted that allow you to shift or reframe the story!

Reframing is my focus for the week! How about you, is there anything you are working on that could use a reframe?