I read an article this week that stirred up a lot of thoughts and emotions. In many ways I am sure it was intended to be a positive article. However, the way it hit me was that it promoted the idea that we are victims of our lives. That we must live with the hand we are dealt.

At first I couldn’t understand why this article even held my interest. I am sure it was intended to be informative, thought provoking and to assist others in looking at an aspect of their life. That is all good, right? However, for me it carried the energy of resignation. Resigning yourself to the idea that life will be a particular way, because you have a certain trait, gift, passion or way of being.

I realize that way of thinking is at odds with the message I promote everyday. Intentional Living.

If we live intentional lives, then that implies we are taking responsibility for what we experience each day and in each situation. When we like something, we create more of it. If something feels out of alignment with our values, interests or direction, we let it go. If we see something needs to change, change it.

This doesn’t mean we are trying to move beyond being human! We will all experience emotions, including fear, anger, disappointment and sorrow. We will have ugly thoughts and crazy ideas. We will be judgmental, critical, envious and petty. Precisely because we are human. It is in our nature!

It is how we respond and react to these thoughts and emotions that defines us.

In fact, being aware of these traits and how much they affect us can actually be our greatest stimulus for growth. As an example: If we recognize that fear is too predominant in our lives, we look for ways to shift that. Acheiving this shift doesn’t mean we never experience fear again. It means it affects us in a different way, perhaps it no longer rules us. It doesn’t have the same impact as it did before we did something about it.., with intention.

Exponential shifts occur in our lives when we release, change or alter the thoughts, emotions and behaviors that cause and create discomfort and dis-ease. There is no one outside of us, who is going to make us all better! No one else has our answers. That is our role, that is one of the things we came here to claim; our personal authority.
This of course does not mean that we don’t look to others for guidance, support or inspiration. We do! That is one of the ways to create more fun and joy in our lives; connecting with like-hearted/minded people. However, what we do with and how we incorporate the messages from others is still our personal work. If someone offers advice and we decide to take it… Whether it works out or it doesn’t, it is our responsibility. Not the person who offered the advice.

You see it could have been perfect advice for them. In fact, it may be perfect for us. However it is our choice.., our free will that makes it our responsibility! Yes, I have made very good investments. I have also made a couple of really bad ones! I love the good ones and feel a sense of pride about them! But the bad ones… Oh my, was I looking for someone else to blame! Someone whose advice did not payoff! Guess what? It was my choice, even if I thought those offering the advice we experts. I chose the expert!

All of this is to say… You and I are powerful, resourceful beings who are here to play, learn, grow and have fun! Being a victim of anything in your life, robs you of your authority.

PS… My friend Keith and I will be doing a evening of straight-talk about spirituality and navigating life called “Two Bulls in a China Crystal Shop” in July… Come join us for an upbeat, lively and sometimes irreverent evening of spiritual insight from a couple of clumsy guys trying to navigate the sensitive world of human potential!

With Light, Love, and Laughter