This week I created a Crystal Grid to assist me with “Harmonic Frequency Alignment”. That sounds like a very sophisticated, scientific process or device; but it is not! It was setting an intention that the people, situations, or things that are not energetically aligned with my sense of harmony or flow, be released!

You see, it feels like there are so many amazing and magical things happening all around me, all the time. There is joy, laughter, fun, challenges, opportunities and new possibilities that are opening and being revealed. Life is amazing!

Then, in the middle of all this – there are things that crop up, that feel old and messy. They feel out of alignment with everything else going on around them! The pessimist who can only see what is wrong in their life. The employee who thinks you’re out to get them or take advantage of them. Being bombarded by stories, marketing or ideology, that says the past is haunting us or the future is bleak.

None of this resonates! And yet, it is still here! Theses people and situations still show up and vie for my attention! AND I give it to them! Not intentionally, but I realize I have diverted my focus away from the natural flow and current of life, to try and understand, comprehend or change these energies that are no longer aligned! They don’t fit anymore… But I keep trying them on!

What is in this for me? Why do I continue to turn from ease…and then try to push a bolder uphill? Maybe I still think I can change them! (A savior complex?) Perhaps it feels like they mean something about me? (Insecurity?) How about holding on to the idea that we have to take the bad with the good? (Limited beliefs?)

I remember writing about this grid and saying; “If I still have lessons to learn from these situation, let me get the lesson soon”. I feel a kernel of truth to this. Yet, this also feels like an easy way to give power away to a person or situation. At the minimum, I am not standing in my own authority. It is not as if I have to pay attention or give credence to anything that feels out of alignment with my energetic field!

I know these types of situations or people aren’t going away. It is not like I expect them to. Instead, how do I allow it (or them) to be, while simultaneously not allowing it to draw me in? I know part of this, is becoming aware (sooner) that I am diverting my attention away from my highest joy. Maybe the rest is just saying NO!