There is something going of inside of me that wants to be known. I can sense it, feel it, and sometimes, almost see it! Sometimes it feels like a new discovery is about to emerge. Other times it seems as if an old friend wants to be revealed or remembered.

Perhaps it is a combination; the synergy of old and new coming together to create a different, blended experience of who I am and what is going on around me.

Let me start by saying that Gisela has been in Germany for the past two weeks. This means I have covered the front service counter at Storm Wisdom 4 or 5 days. It was kind of fun and kind of cool. Mainly because I got to remember what it was like to balance a cash drawer, reconcile daily reports, add inventory to the system, schedule appointments or events; and of course, assist friends and clients who visited on those days. It was nice.

However, by the third or fourth day, I was also aware that it is not my role. It is something I can do and even something I can do well. However, my time for holding the energies of that role has past. Others have claimed it and that feels right.

This awareness has me then think about Storm Wisdom in general. One thing that I was keenly aware of, is how different it is energetically today than it was a year ago, two years ago, and especially five years ago. In the beginning it was me. Trying to figure out how to complete a transaction or make sure a room wasn’t double booked. Defining how and what we offered and what we didn’t. Of course there were others there. Gisela and Victoria started seeing clients there the day we opened and started hosting workshops there almost immediately.

However, we were all new to one another and finding our way into creating what would become a family. It is this energetic family that is highlighting the awareness of something that wants to be revealed or known. We are not the same. We are different because we chose to take this journey together. Not just those of us who work in the center, but everyone that has chosen to walk through the doors and who is willing to share their truth, perspective, insights and even concerns. We are all shifting each other.

It has everything and nothing to do with the business! We all create these microcosms. Our homes, workplace, clubs, schools, churches, etc. We gather, share, grow, split apart, mend, support, heal and challenge one another. It is the desire and willingness to create these connections and support systems that changes us. And regardless of which ones you create or how you participate in them; they invite you to grow and become more of who you are.

So imagine being a part of a business that exists to encourage and support your spiritual growth and expand your uniqueness! What does that mean for each of us who shows up and contributes to this evolving journey? We are changing one another. We witness and encourage one another to see beyond the mundane and to tap into the power of the collective that is all around us. We recognize the interconnectedness of our thoughts, emotions, and our bodies. And, how to work with them to create a deeper connection with our souls.

Many of you have your own mind, body, spirit practices, businesses or you teach and inspire others in your unique way. We benefit from what you do as much as you benefit from us!

And this brings me to what is shifting or changing inside of me. Much of my spiritual journey has been focused on learning to BE and to live in the moment. Not an easy task for someone who is always ‘planning ahead’! And yet there is something happening where being present in any given moment feels closer at hand than it ever has. It feels new, it feels right. Yet it also feels old, as if I am remembering a time when this was a normal state of being for me. I can tell you BEING is not a familiar state from this particular lifetime. So instead, maybe I am picking it up from you! From the ‘You’ that is part of the collective that has joined together to help support one another as we navigate our spiritual journeys! And only by being and basking in the moment is it possible to feel the gratitude for what we are creating. In this moment, I can feel how we are changing the world!

I invite you to know your impact!

With Light, Love, and Laughter