I graduated from my 13 week program for small business owners this past week. What an amazing program it was… And all sponsored by the City of Phoenix. This program was such a huge gift in so many ways. It was just what I was looking for. And of course, as with many things in life, it has also been a complete surprise.

I often say that no one learns or grows more at Storm Wisdom than I do! We all create the situations, relationships and circumstances of our lives to bring us the awareness and experience we are searching for. In this case, as much as what I have learned will help the business of Storm Wisdom; the personal growth it offers me, is even greater.

I am smiling to myself, because as I write this, I realize it may seem like I am saying “I have already mastered the lessons offered through this program”. That is NOT what I am saying! In fact, in many ways, it is just the opposite! I have gone from not knowing what I don’t know, to knowing what I don’t know! And what I don’t know is a LOT! From unconscious incompetent to conscious incompetent! 🙂

This is a good thing! Because now that I am aware that there are things for me to become competent in or with, in order to continue to evolve and create my dreams. It feels like there are pieces of a map that have been revealed that will influence the direction(s) I take. This is how life works!

In the past I might have punished or chastised myself for not knowing or being better prepared. However these days it seems more appropriate to celebrate that when the information, guidance, or direction is needed, it is there. The challenges that I am now aware of, in the past might have felt heavy. Instead, I see them as part of how I will continue to be stimulated, motivated and inspired. I am not a victim in all of this. It is not happening to me. I am creating it as a way to fulfill my souls desire to awaken and evolve. My souls desire to remember all of who I came here to be.

I’m not trying to get all esoteric on you! It’s just that I am so aware of all the magic that constantly unfolds around us. Right time, right place. And as I have been reflecting on how all of this has influenced and shifted my focus, it is hard not to be amazed and to feel blessed. As a result of this time of concentrated study and focus, I can see how I’ve changed. I respond in ways that I would not have in the past. My actions and reactions are different. I am living a different story than I have told in the past. Yet, it is to early to tell this new story, because it is still evolving.

Isn’t this really how it could be for all of us? That we are so busy living our lives that we don’t have time to formulate a story. Any labels that we (or others) try to assign ourselves have no sticking power, because we are too malleable. We recognize and appreciate that everything that is happening around us, is “for us” and not “to us”. Even those things that are uncomfortable or feel daunting are part of our evolution.

We live in a time when many people are getting locked into a perspective. Most of the time they are trying to get back to a time when their world seemed safer (the Past). Or, they are in fear of a what will happen to them when everything they know seems to be in a state of flux (the Future). We formulate stories that reinforce our perspective. We then label ourselves and others as a way to reinforce boundaries and beliefs. We try to capture and control the flow of a waterfall with a cup.
We are shifting, changing and evolving beings. We create the circumstances in our lives that we are hungry to learn. That doesn’t mean it is always easy. However, as I pay attention to all that has shifted and changed for me in the past few years; I realize it could be much easier, than I sometimes allow. If I don’t demand a certain outcome or experience, and instead dance with what is presented and present; I am happier. Life has a natural flow. And isn’t that really more fun! We can either step into the river of life and let the flow carry us forward or spend a lot of our own energy trying to choose the course. Swim up stream anyone?

I’m ready to let the river of life do the work! Facing forward, feet up, flowing with the current!

With Light, Love, and Laughter