This past week I attended Victoria Barna and Gisela Arenas’ workshop called “New Year… New Beginnings”. One of their main areas of focus was to look at each participants “Numerology”. Life Path number, Challenge number, Personal Year number. That sort of thing. Then a couple of days later I had my semi-annual Astrology session with Jolinda Marshall (who has been my astrologer for over 25 years!).

It never ceases to amaze me how these systems of study can be so accurate. They provide clarity and confirmation on the cycles of our lives and provide insights on the ups and downs. In both cases and even in Human Design (another system of study), the information that is shared is not so much predictive or specific to any single individual, as they are about energetic alignment or in some cases.., non-alignment. For an example, This is good time to make financial decisions, not a good time to make major relationship choices, etc.

I find that when I tap into these ancient arts, I am pulled out of the details of my life and begin to recognize and appreciate the phases and cycles of life. Something that we all experience. I have been connected to Astrology for so long that I even seem to know when something is off in my chart. Perhaps I am seeing or experiencing things from a perspective that is not normal for me. Sometimes when it lasts more than a few days, I will call Jolinda to find out what is up and how long that particular “transit” is going to be around.

In the numerology portion of Gisela and Victoria’s workshop the other night, I got a lot of confirmation about what is going on for me lately. It has been so palpable, that I have been contemplating quite a bit. There are things that are shifting and changing so much right now, that sometimes it feels as if someone else is walking around in my body. This doesn’t mean I think the shifts and changes are bad. It is that I realize I am not responding to things the way I use to. I don’t get as invested in an outcome or worried about how it will appear, or even need to share my perspective. Trust me, this is a change!

We tend to think the world revolves around us! Okay.., I tend to think the world revolves around me. And the truth is, it is my reality, so, most of the time it does. At the same time, we are co-creating realities with everyone around us… Aren’t we? How we engage, react, respond, assert or participate all feed content into our reality creations! So if the way I am responding to everyday situations changes.., then guess what? My realty begins to shift, as well as what I am co-creating with others.

This is where the ability to use these systems of study and ancient arts really pays off. Instead of trying desperately to hold on to old situations (including people and things!) that no longer serve, it is easier to let them go. To recognize that the timing of something being presented is because it is energetically aligned, is freeing. Or, if something we think we want is just not coming with ease, to let it go until it does! When we understand that the way we engage with the opportunities being presented is influenced by the natural ebbs and flow of life… and our particular cycle, we feel less victimized or forced by them. It means less about us (the center of our Universe) and more about the dance that we are all in as a collective.

I love that feeling of looking at Life from a distance. And how nice to be connected to people who are passionate about these tools for transformation and awareness like the zodiac signs they follow, but all of the 12 zodiac signs correspond to their own zodiac signs dates, which is essential if you want this mystic information in your life.

With Light, Love, and Laughter