It is hard to believe that it has only been a week since we finished the small remodel of the retail space at Storm Wisdom. We added about 200sq ft by removing two private room. However the shift energetically seems much greater. It feels really good. (Check out the invitation to our “Open House” next Saturday below! Come see the changes for yourself!)

I realize this is not the first time I have felt this sensation of my dream becoming more aligned with my intentions. About a year and a half after we opened, we moved our customer service counter to the center of the space. It made a huge shift energetically. It too felt right and what I had always imagined or intended.

This has got me thinking about whether this is actually true… Or, is the concept of this business shifting and changing on its own? Maybe I simply experience a change and then correlate it with an earlier dream or intention that has long ago been fulfilled!?!

The truth is that there is no way for me to have imagined where we would be right now… Because there was so very little I knew about this business 5 years ago. So many things that I imagined have never come to fruition… And things that now are commonplace or fully integrated into this business, weren’t even on my radar screen!

Isn’t this true in all of our lives? We can be so malleable; easily integrating new people, places and things. Going with the flow; expansion and contraction. At the same time, we can be so resistant to change or so locked into something looking or behaving a certain way. We are an oxymoron. Rigidly-adaptable.

I believe we each choose the situations and circumstance (including people), that will most support us in evolving our consciousness and mastering those areas of our lives we came here to experience and shift. So for me, I thought I started a center for intentional living to support and serve others. However, it is me who is stretched and grown by being a part of it.

So what does this say about those times when we “feel like we have arrived”? When it seems that something in our lives has shifted or changed and it feels “right”? Perhaps these are the plateaus that we all reach during our journeys. Where we feel like we can take a breath and look out across the scenery of our life. Admiring all that has come before, and what we are now positioned to do from here! On the one hand this gives me great hope and inspiration!

On the other, I think “Really… There is more to go?” There is definitely an aspect of me that “wants to be done”. Part of me who wants to have reached the final destination!

And then I see the oxymoron… The internal aspects of who I am, that want it ALL ways.., the one who today appears rigidly-adaptable!

With Light, Love, and Laughter