Consciousness, evolving, awakening, transcending, ascension, transforming, expansion, becoming more aware.  These are all terms that are associated with our spiritual journey.  Some are catch phrases for particular groups, while others are used more consistently and interchangeably.  But why, for what reasons are any of us spending anytime on these at all?

Thomas Gray said “Ignorance is Bliss”.  These days that expression is used to justify apathy towards circumstances, subjects or events that surround us.  However, it can also be used as a way to stunt our own personal evolution.  If we don’t take the time to look under the covers to see what is going on; then we don’t have to do anything about it.  

But there is a catch!

Consciousness is always learning more about itself.  It is the very nature of All-That-Is.  When and where there is comprehension, there is a natural curiosity that desires to know more.  We humans have a tendency to think that we ARE Consciousness.  This has been part of our folly.  The mineral kingdom, plant kingdom and animal kingdom lead the way, and are still part of the more that we are becoming.  As a matter of fact, remembering that we are in a symbiotic relationship with them is an important part of our current ‘awakening’.  

But we must look beyond the planet to understand the vastness of Consciousness. The entire Universe is constantly in a state of learning.  We are part of something so vast that it impossible to fathom, and we (Humans) are not at the center of it.  We know that it shifts and changes constantly.  It is in constant motion.  There is growth and expansion; just as there is destruction and death.  In the scheme of things, we are smaller than a single cell in our own body… Which currently, scientist believe there are over 37 trillion cells in each one of us! 

And yet, we are a powerful source for assisting with evolving Consciousness.  We play an important role in the Universe becoming more aware of itself, because we continue to explore, study and discover.  Once something becomes known, it is known everywhere!  Once anyone, or anything becomes aware of something new… It becomes part of the energetic field which surrounds us all.  We begin to breathe it in and absorb it, even if we never give it any thought, attention, awareness or matter.  

There are always beings who operate on the edge of what is known. They step into the thick of the unknown and create pathways that others can follow.  They explore, study and discover new resources, shortcuts, terrains, challenges and solutions.  They carve the path; leave markers and signposts for others to follow; build bridges and tunnels.  They make maps and draw charts that allow the next group to follow and catch up to them.  They are Mapmakers, or as Martha Beck would say “Wayfinders”.

For eons, explorers were focused on physical exploration.  Discovering new lands, waterways and resources.  Then it got smaller and they started looking at the mechanics and minutiae of how it all works.  They explored ways to fly, submerge and float.., until they figured out how to leave the planet and/or explore the vastness of space.  It seems there is nowhere the Mapmakers, Explorers and Wayfinders won’t go!

Yet, some of the most interesting and exciting exploration that is available (and it’s available to EVERYONE), is Self-exploration.  Knowing and becoming more aware of what makes you tick.  What stimulates and expands you? What limits and constricts you?  What feeds you; what starves you?  What creates ease or dis-ease?  What makes you feel connected to All-That-Is?  What makes you feel separate or alone?   

This is where the greatest opportunities for awakening, awareness, evolving and expanding Consciousness reside.  This is where the Mapmakers, Boundary-dwellers and Wayfinders of today are exploring!  And they are finding that the more we let go of our attachment to being separate and alone, the more we connect with this energetic field that permeates everything.  We shift and change our lives, our own existence, simply by Being.  We can set down struggle and release the commitment to repetitive doing. 

Being is a choice.  Living your truth is a choice.  Creating the life of your dreams is a choice. The only prerequisite is a course in SELF study.   

If you are up for this adventure.., I will see you where the new pathway you are carving intersects with mine!  

With Light, Love, and Laughter